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Why You Should Never Buy a Home Without Having It Inspected

Home inspections in Provo are becoming part and parcel of the home buying process. Before shelling over a quarter of a million dollars of their hard-earned dollars, smart buyers are out to ensure they are getting value for money.

Given that buying a home is likely to be your biggest purchase yet, you have every right to be cautious. The cost of hiring a home inspector pales in comparison to the benefits that come as a result of the process. A typical inspection will cost you anything from $200-$500, depending on the size of the house.

1. Avoid buying a “lemon”

You’ve probably heard the term lemon applied to buying a beat-up car that saddles you with high repair and maintenance costs. Buying terrible car sets you back thousands of dollars, so it’s only natural that a home will cost more.

The last thing you want is to incur tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected costs soon as after moving into your new home. Unfortunately, that’s one painful reality that many people have to deal with after electing to skip a professional inspection.

It only takes a few days before the skeletons in the previously well-staged house before a litany of problems starts showing. Suddenly you have a faulty sewer line, furnace, and water problem to deal with. Retaining the services of a home inspector lets you wise up to any problem long before committing to a deal.

It lets you know what exactly you’ll be getting yourself into should you proceed with the sale. You can use the inspection report to force a price concession so you can fix the problems. Or you can take that as a cue to carry on with your search.

2. Safeguard your health

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Probably the last thing you’d be thinking when looking forward to realizing your dream of owning a home is that your new house can be a threat. Unfortunately, skipping a home inspection can put your life and that of your entire household in danger.

An examination will alert to some hazards that are likely to escape your notice. For instance, without the right equipment, you can’t detect the presence of radon, an invisible and odorless radioactive gas. The gas is second only to smoking in causing lung cancer in the United States.

Other health hazards include mold infestations and high levels of carbon monoxide. Should you mistakenly buy such a home, you would have to incur the extra expense of cleaning it up and the associated repairs.

Installing a radon mitigation detector will cost you anything from $80 to $2,500. That can put pressure on your finances, especially now that you also have mortgage payments to make.

The last thing you want is to buy a lemon when realizing the dream of becoming a homeowner. Retaining the services of a reliable home inspection services lets you accomplish this goal quickly and painlessly.

A home inspection report alerts you to the problems in the house to let you make an informed decision. It’s essential that you don’t skip this all too important step.

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