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Is Your Home Safe? Building a Comfortable Home

Once you’ve invested in a house, it’s your responsibility to make sure that it remains in great condition for as long as possible. One of the ways to do that is by averting mold growth on the walls of your house. That’s because mold is not only unsightly, but also very harmful. Once it has started growing, this menace can spread rapidly and prove stubborn to get rid of. Here are six of the best ways to prevent mold growth in your home.

Install an Efficient HVAC System

Mold thrives where there’s dampness. If you have an efficient HVAC that can dehumidify your house, then you make your living space unconducive for mold to grow. Keeping your AC running, can go a long way in keeping mold from taking root. Find a reputable HVAC installation service in Salt Lake City to provide a new and suitable heating and cooling system in your home if you have outdated and decade-old systems.

Handle leaks in your home

If you live in an older house that has holes, cracks, and openings, then it’s important that you address them well before the rainy season. These openings can let water seep into the ceiling, walls, or floor of your home, encouraging mold growth and other water damage. Have them repaired on the onset before you have to deal with the consequences.

Use mold-resistant products

When planning to renovate your home or add other structures in your compound, always go for products that resist mold growth, especially in places that are prone to moisture. These areas include your bathroom and kitchen. The most common mold-resistant products include drywall and certain types of paint.

Ensure there’s proper ventilation

Just like moisture, stale air can encourage mold growth. Ensuring that your home is properly ventilated can help prevent mold from growing on the walls of your home. To encourage proper air flow, you need to ensure there are enough spaces between your walls and the furniture. Make sure you regularly run the exhaust fans in the kitchen too.

Tackle wet areas on the spot

Without moisture, mold can’t grow at all. That’s why it’s so important to dry wet area as quickly as possible. As soon as you notice a spill on the floor or an accumulation of water from a leaking pipe, you need to tackle the problem within 48 hours. If you’ve just experienced a flood, remove your beddings, carpets, and furniture if they are damp. Don’t let wet clothes lying on your washing machine, as well.

Keep your roof gutters clean and dry

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Sometimes, a mold problem arises due to a leaky roof caused by a damaged or full gutter. That’s why you need to regularly inspect all gutters and repair them if they are damaged. Make sure they are clean and free from clogs.

Mold growth in your home can be quite destructive and harmful to the health of your family. By keeping moisture at bay, however, you can tackle mold before it has a chance to take root. Follow the tips mentioned above so your home stays mold-free.

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