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5 Signs Your Oven Needs Repair

Home appliances make life easy. They offer convenience and save time. When a regularly used device malfunctions, there is always some frustration and inconvenience. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to get to that point. If you are keen enough, your appliances are always telling you when something is wrong or about to go wrong. If you pay close attention, you will catch a problem before it escalates. When using an oven, below are signs that it needs some repair:

1. It takes longer than usual to preheat.

Most ovens heat up swiftly. However, older ones take their time. If the preheating phase appears to be taking longer than usual, something is wrong. Different elements that may cause preheating problems include the oven bulb and sensor, which are necessary for monitoring temperature.

It could be that the temperature sensor needs to be replaced, and that is why the timer takes long to go off.  If the sensor is defective, proper heating may be a problem. The same problem will result if the bulb burns or is loose. These elements need replacement or repair for the oven to gain back its functionality.

2. Food comes out raw or burnt.

In case you do not catch the preheating problem, it will escalate to affecting the overall heating process and likely manifest in how food comes out. When you put food in and after the timer goes off the food is cold, raw, or burnt, there can be a broken element in the heating system. The thermostat may be defective, or the selector switch is not working. The bake igniter can also have issues. To identify the broken element, call in an appliance repair professional in Salt Lake City to check it out.

3. There is some terrible smell coming from it.

bad smell

When using an oven, the scent of freshly baked goodies is always inviting. In case your oven stops emitting nice smells but instead gives peculiar odors, the cause may be a twisted wire somewhere resulting in burning. This can be dangerous as it can result in a fire or a gas leak. Stop using the oven, turn it off, and call in a technician to fix it before using it again.

4. It makes strange noises.

Unusual ticking, buzzing, whirling, and scratching sounds are an indication that something is wrong with your appliance. A loose part of the oven may be what is wrong. A thorough evaluation from your repairman will identify what is the cause of the noises and recommend a way of fixing it to prevent the issue from escalating.

5. Oven won’t shut.

For the oven to give optimal performance, its door has to open and close appropriately. It helps to contain the heat and allow even cooking of whatever is inside. A door that will not shut may have a malfunctioning or broken hinge. Your technician will identify what the problem is and recommend appropriate repair.

Timely appliance repair saves you money as you solve different issues before they grow to unbearable magnitudes. When using an oven, pay attention to how well it heats, the effectiveness of various components, and how efficient the baking process is. If there are issues with any of these, call in a professional to inspect and repair your appliance on time.

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