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Harnessing The Power of Light

When God was creating the universe, according to the Christian Bible, he spoke light into existence. “Let there be light.” And ever since then, human beings have learned to harness the power of light for different functions. We learned how to illuminate dark nights, to enlighten paths, and even converting it into energy (through solar panels).

The power of light has also been concentrated for various uses. It’s what most people know as lasers. A laser has multiple functions and is used worldwide. It can be used for tattoo removal in Salt Lake City or an EDM party in Los Angeles. The technology that produces a laser does so by gathering photons of light and zeroing it on a single target. This creates a barrage of energy all focused on one spot and therefore, is more potent than a typical light ray.

To further understand the laser, let us liken it to another phenomenon. When you put a piece of paper under the sun, it will not burn. However, when you use a magnifying glass and concentrate all the sunlight beams that are passing through the lens to a single point, the area begins to kindle. Eventually, the paper will burn.

The same principle also applies to lasers. Scattered light in itself is harmless and is perceived just to be naturally there, blending in with the environment. Whereas lasers are distinct, you can clearly see a line that is made up of photons.

This type of technology has been incorporated with a plethora of machines to make them better. A few of them include:

– computer devices

– weapons like guns and tanks.

– metallurgical cutting machines.

– robotics

– cosmetics, medicine, surgery

– communication applications

– entertainment aesthetics

Let’s talk about the most popular laser applications that are out there right now.

1. Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are meant to be permanent, but we obviously found a way around that. Out of the three most common methods of tattoo removals, the laser tattoo removal method hurts the least. It uses the concentrated light to break up small skin cell particles that are pigmented with ink. Over a number of sessions, the skin cells will start to regenerate with their natural pigments, leaving little to no trace of your inked past.

2. Computers

One of the game changers in the computer field was the compact disk (CD). Laser sensors were used to read the information through its reflective aluminum layer. (Yes, the shiny part with rainbow streaks.)

Communication was also significantly impacted by the use of lasers. Since these concentrated light beams travel at high speeds, they were used to shoot down fiber tubes to minimize connection loss.

3. Entertainment

people watching concertAlmost all concerts nowadays would involve some form of laser. In fact, some shows are literally laser shows because the lights have become the star. These shows would typically use lights to create pictures in the air. Lasers have also been used for product promotion, such as during fairs or concerts you’re likely to see a sign of a big brand in the air.

With continuous innovation, we can march towards a future where we can harness the powers of the elements – just like what we did with light.

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