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Why DIY? 10 Reasons Why DIY-ing is Awesome

Since we’re all confined within the four walls of our homes as we practice self-isolation and social distancing, perhaps you might want to consider learning how to DIY things at home. Beyond the satisfaction that you get when you buy power tools online and create something with your hands, DIY-ing offers a lot of benefits to a person’s well-being.

10 Reasons Why DIY-ing is the Best

1. Self-Discovery

DIY-ing is a great way to know yourself more intimately. From discovering certain skill sets to finding out things that matter to you, doing things yourself is a great way to discover values and passion and improve character.

2. Therapy

People have different hobbies and interests to help them cope with the stresses of life. DIY provides the same therapeutic results. It helps you disconnect from reality for a bit as you retreat to your own world to build and create something new and wonderful.

3. Expression

Often, creativity and artistry need an outlet. DIY-ing is a great avenue to let all your creative juice loose and express yourself through your arts and crafts. Whether you make these things for yourself or other people, there’s a deeper sense of appreciation for a handmade item. Your work is an extension of your thoughts and feelings.

4. Learning to Cope with Mistakes and Failure

DIY projects often entail a lot of hits and misses. Trial-and-errors are a staple in creating and building things. As you go about crafting, you learn new tricks as well as ways on how not to do things. It gives you plenty of opportunities to fail forward.

5. Savings

Learning how to make your own wardrobe, display cabinet, or bunker beds will help save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on furniture purchases. This is not just for furniture but is also applicable to other household items, like soap and candles, that you can easily make with your own hands.

6. Income

Once you have mastered making and building certain items, you can easily replicate them and put them up for sale. The opportunities for earning additional income (or primary if you want it to be your main source of money) are endless. Your creativity and skill are your only limits.

7. Brain Booster

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DIY-ing is an awesome way of acquiring new skills and knowledge. Each time you work on a new project, like fixing home appliances, you discover new things and techniques unknown to you before. It helps enhance your creativity and improve your problem-solving skills.

8. Self-Reliance

The ability to use your mind and hands to create something minimizes your dependence on other people and increases your reliance on yourself. The more skills you know, the less you need other people to do it for you.

9. Expanded Network

Contrary to the notion that DIY-ing can be a lonely hobby to get into, it opens several opportunities to widen your network and enrich your relationships. People who have the same interests tend to bond better than those who share no common ground. There is a community of people who enjoy the same things you do, DIY-ing included. You just need to know who these people are and where to look for them.

10. Confidence Booster

A DIY task that you manually did and accomplished can give you a different sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Knowing that you made something from scratch with your own hands helps build your confidence in your skills and yourself. It helps keep you motivated and determined to continue setting goals and achieving them.

Although DIY is great, there are still certain projects that you shouldn’t take on, especially if you do not have enough knowledge and expertise about it. Times like these, you need to consult with a professional. For everything else, DIY is the way to go.

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