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Make Your Car Last: Choosing the Right Spot to Park Your Car

Your car is an investment that helps you travel to and from work, transport your whole family, and have overall, hassle-free driving experience. You’ve saved up for it for years, so it’s only right that you take good care of it. Car ownership is a serious commitment, that’s why many owners are obsessed about protecting their property. Protecting your car starts from where and how you park it. Whether at home, at work, or on a side street or vacant lot, you need to be wary where you leave your vehicle. Here are some of the parking no-nos that you need to avoid.

Ignoring the Signs

Parking is part of an extension of your driving skills. And just like what you’ve learned from day one, you need to be mindful of the signs. When it comes to parking, it’s not just about parking on a restricted spot. It also involves following specific rules of the area.

If your office lot has signs telling you to park facing the wall, you shouldn’t ignore it. Be it for convenience, order, or just keeping the traffic flow going, such signs are there for a reason. If a parking structure has signs telling you about height restrictions, you might want to think twice about ignoring them if you’re driving a bigger vehicle, like a pick-up or SUV. You don’t want to scrape your roof or get stuck maneuvering out of the spot.

Parking with Loose Debris Around

Whether you’re parking at home or somewhere you’re not familiar with, it’s safe to always check the surrounding areas for any loose debris. You may be very cautious, but some drivers won’t be as careful as you. As they drive by, they could rattle this debris and cause them to fly towards your vehicle’s direction. They may not be noticeable at first, but they could easily pile up when you’re not paying attention.

Worse still is when rocks hit your windshield or windows and cause an expensive crack. No matter how small that crack may be, it would be unsafe for you to drive, as the glass could shatter at any time.

As for your driveway, you can get asphalt sealing in Salt Lake City. This way, there won’t be any loose debris that could damage your vehicle should another vehicle drive by.

Leaving Your Vehicle at the Mercy of the Elements

Long Term Car Parking

It’s always good to have covered parking for your vehicle. You may have plenty of space in your driveway, but that won’t do your car any good if you don’t utilize it correctly, especially if you’re overlooking how the weather can affect your car. As it gets exposed to the elements, its paint could fade and crack. The acidity from the rain can discolor it and make the paint lose its shine. Constant exposure to extreme temperatures can turn plastic and even the rubber parts of your vehicle’s interior brittle.

It could easily shorten its lifetime, and you’ll only notice it once it falls off and crumbles. That’s why looking for a covered parking spot should always be your priority. If you’re left with no other choice but to park it on exposed areas, do yourself a favor and buy one of those car covers made for your specific vehicle. This way, you can cover it up when you leave it outside. These covers can be easily put on, so you don’t have to worry about it consuming more time on your daily routine.

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