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Ride Protection: How to Choose Between a Carport and a Garage

Car owners are fully aware of the amount of damage constant sun exposure can cause their beloved vehicles. That’s why they should take the necessary measures to make sure their ride stays in pristine condition.

Too much exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can cause the car’s paint to fade and peel slowly. And it doesn’t end there. It’s not easy to notice the extent of the damage.  Once the paint has oxidised, you’ll see that the sun caused more significant damage than you realised, and doing repairs will definitely be costly.

However, faded paint due to excessive sun exposure is just one of your problems. When car owners have no choice but to leave their vehicles outside, they expose them to other elements as well – the weather, salt rust, hail damage, and falling trees. All of these can cause your car to depreciate faster, and it won’t last as long as you want it to. After all, you spent a lot of money on it. You’d want to use for as long as you can. Give your ride the protection it deserves.

What exactly are the options available for you? This depends on the climate in your current location. If you’re from Australia, for example, the usual choices are either a garage or a carport. Owners build either one of these two in their property to protect their vehicles. But, depending on your specific needs, one may be a better option than the other. Here are some of their differences:


If you’re looking for cost-effective protection for your vehicle, carports are the right choice. They’re significantly smaller than garages and don’t need as many materials for construction. If you’re looking for a structure that’s easy to build and won’t cost a lot, this is something you should consider.

As long as you have enough space for construction, you can choose from many carport designs. What makes this even better is that compared to building garages, securing a permit from the council in Brisbane for carport construction is relatively easier.

This is because carports are not built as ‘livable spaces,’ unlike garages. Because the rules are less stringent and the materials to build them are more manageable, you can build one for your car in just a few days. In some cases, it will only take a few hours.


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These are permanent, fully closed structures that are built mainly to protect cars. For many owners, garages are often a better choice due to their enclosed structure. Apart from shielding your ride from the elements, they can also protect against theft. If you’re planning to build one somewhere that’s close to the ocean or surrounded by plenty of trees, you can maximize the benefits of a garage. But, that’s not all. Owning a garage means you can expect to have additional storage space for supplies that won’t fit in your house anymore, be it your washing machine and gardening and cleaning tools, among others.

The sun, rain, and dirt can wreak havoc on your car’s exteriors. As such, it’s best to protect it under full or partial shade. If you’re on a budget or you want to put up a shelter for your vehicle as soon as possible, get a carport. But if you want the extra storage and living space, a garage may be for you. Whichever one you choose, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your vehicle stays in pristine condition for longer.

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