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Thoughtful Moving-away Gifts for a Loved One

Sometimes, a person has to move far away from home. It may be for personal or professional reasons. If you are close to the person, you may be feeling blue and find it hard to come up with a moving-away gift. Here are some ideas that will always tell your loved one that they are in your thoughts.

Provide a Way to Decompress

Moving into a new place can be stressful or lonely, especially when at the end of the day of the move, everything feels unfamiliar. Help your loved one relax with thoughtful alcohol gift sets. You can choose from a wide variety of wines, beers, whiskies, and other spirits. A glass at the end of the day or on the weekend will help them unwind. Also, many health benefits can be derived from a glass of these liquors. You can add some truffles to the mix for extra love and comfort.

Bridge the Time Gap

Is your loved one moving to a place with a different time zone? You might want to send them off with a dual-time watch. This way, it will be easy for them to track the time difference. Scheduling video calls will be easy. They will know what time works best for both of you. This is to eliminate mental computations or Internet searches.

Help Keep Them Fit

Moving away from home, especially for the first time, can cause havoc on routines. When this happens, your loved one may forget about their fitness goals. Help keep their drive for fitness by gifting them with a fitness tracker. This small piece of innovation can help them in many ways. It can accurately count their steps, the calories they have burned, and the hours of sleep. You do not have to worry that they are neglecting their health.

Send Them a Piece of Your Hometown

There are some items that a person can find only in one’s hometown. It may be a special bar of chocolate in the local candy store. There are also some special blends of coffees and teas that are unique in a certain local café. Assemble a gift basket and fill it with these local delicacies. Choose ones that have a long shelf life. This way, when your loved one misses home, they can have a taste of it through your gift.

Set an Avalanche of Memories

Nothing brings back a flood of happy memories than pictures. Give your loved one a digital photo frame that can hold thousands of pictures. Have an SD card or USB stick loaded with the best of your moments together. They will enjoy reminiscing and make them feel that you are close by.

Go the Old-fashioned Way

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Handwritten letters are almost non-existent, thanks to social media. You can bring it back to style by giving your loved one a treasure box of dated handwritten letters. Write the date on each envelope on when they can open each letter. They will appreciate the effort you put into composing each one. Also, they will feel a warm glow with all the heartfelt messages.

Distance is only a geographic number. When two people are connected in mind and heart, it feels like they are always close.

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