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How to Improve Your Establishment’s Parking Lot

With cars still being the preferred mode of transportation in Kansas City and throughout the country, every single commercial establishment is expected to have a parking lot nearby where visitors can park their vehicles.

Not having a parking lot — or even having one that is dilapidated and in disrepair — can be a major turn-off for visitors and discourage people from visiting your establishment again. If people have a hard time parking their cars, they might decide that the effort is not worth what they will get from visiting your establishment.

At the same time, having a clean and well-maintained parking lot also speaks a lot about your professionalism as an establishment. In order to illustrate that you take your business seriously, you must show that you think of your visitors’ and customers’ needs as well, and thinking of their parking space is a big factor in this.

Ideally, your parking lot should be properly paved with concrete or asphalt to ensure a smooth surface for cars to pass on. With pavers and other equipment being widely available today, there is no reason to keep a shabby parking lot anymore.

Here are some ways to instantly improve your establishment’s parking spaces:

1. Add some shade.

If you have an outdoor parking space, visitors will definitely appreciate having some shade over the parking lot. That way, if it is raining, it prevents their cars from getting soaked, and they are also able to reach and get into their cars without being too heavily drenched.

Also, if a car is directly exposed to sunlight during a particularly hot, sunny day, it can warm the interiors and the seats considerably. This will make the car feel like an oven once a person gets in. To spare people this discomfort, a little bit of shade will go a long way.

2. Use bright, clear markings.

Federal safety standards mandate that parking lots have clear markings to designate the space allocated to each individual car. However, some of these markings may be hard to see or may have faded with time, leaving drivers to estimate whether or not they can fit in a specific slot.

Having well-maintained markers can help prevent accidents in the parking lot, as well as give your visitors an easier time when parking their cars. This definitely protects your establishment from any unwanted problems or complaints.

3. Keep it clean.

parking lot entranceOf course, garbage strewn all around the parking lot does not make for a welcome sight when heading to an establishment. Worse, this can also clog catch basins and dirty the pavement and its surroundings. This is a recipe for disaster during rainy days, when water causes the garbage to pool together, creating a dirty surface that visitors will have to tread. Moreover, the clogged catch basins mean pools of water may gather in various areas of the parking pot even with a simple light drizzle, giving your visitors additional discomfort.

4. Conduct repairs regularly.

Having to support the weight of numerous vehicles each day can wear down even the strongest concrete. When cracking and graveling begins to show up on the pavement surface, it is a sign that maintenance must be performed and the cracks sealed. If not, the rough surface could end up damaging a visitor’s car, which will only bring a host of problems upon your establishment.

Given their importance for consumers throughout the country, maintaining a good parking lot can do wonders for an establishment’s business. Add some improvements and upgrades to your parking lot, and you will see how customer satisfaction can increase dramatically.

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