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Deciding the Best Patio Type and Shape for Your Home

After a long day, you want to cozy down at home and relax. A welcoming house is a key to a happy life, and the key to a welcoming home is a perfectly designed patio. Designing your patio is a very underrated activity when it comes to landscaping how you want your home to look.

The word patio is derived from a Spanish word that means “inner courtyard,” which explains why they are generally paved outdoor areas typically used for get-togethers or personal recreation. Unlike the other rooms in your house that need to be bordered by ceilings and walls, a patio is a place in your home that allows you to let your mind run free. It is the best place in your house to showcase your personality as the homeowner because it can be anything that you want it to be. However, in creating a patio, you could use a little rundown of the options you can choose from to help you narrow down your ideal patio type and shape.

Different Types of Patio Types and Shapes

Before we get into laying down the compatibility of each patio design with your overall home, do note that it is always best to consult professionals in deciding not only how it looks like but also what type of materials you should use. The critical element is for them to have the perfect paving. To allow people to move more freely outdoors, you have to make sure that the floor that they are walking on is comfortable. You have numerous options to choose from, such as gravel, concrete, and asphalt. It can be pretty overwhelming to decide on this on your own. Consulting residential paving contractor companies will help you find the best option that matches your house’s characteristics.

Square Patios

The most basic out of all the shapes of patios is the “box-shaped patio.” Though out of the three designs, this might be the plainest, it is the most cost friendly and practical design. A square patio has sharp edges that all fall at ninety-degree angles. So, it gives you a very clean and sharp feel, which is usually the most suitable design for modern houses. If your home has a minimalist and contemporary design, then the square patio might be the perfect fit. Also, in terms of function, square patios can accommodate larger groups of people for outdoor dinners or gatherings. If you’re that one friend whose house is always the one that people hang out in, you have just found your patio design match.

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Round Patios

Round patios come second to square patios in terms of how common they are. However, it allows more avenues for you to get creative, especially if you want to showcase a beautiful focal piece that livens up the atmosphere. Usually, you can put an outdoor table in the middle. If you want it to be decorative, you can always put up a fountain or a mini pond. In a way, because rounded patios blend into the overall design of your outdoor landscape, you wouldn’t find it difficult to style it as a cohesive part of your home. Hence, if you want your patio to match a more classical and elegant feel, then the smooth corners of a full-circle or half-circle patio will help you achieve that soft yet gorgeous addition to your home.

Freeform Patios

Freeform patios are the most unconventional style of patio shape. They can be any shape that can contain space, ranging from freeform patios with wide extensive curves to those with generally unpredictable angles and shifts in form. A freeform patio has a more close-to-nature feel because of its irregular shape. If your house has a more zen and authentic feel, then freeform patios are a great addition to the overall design.

The Verdict

Deciding on the shape and type of patio can be challenging, especially if you want it to fit your existing house’s design perfectly. Whether you choose a square, round, or freeform patio, what matters the most is that you resonate with the design that you select. After all, a patio is a place where you would like to relax or make memories with the people you want to invite to your home. The most important thing to remember is that as beautiful as your patio may turn out, it must be a place of comfort and happiness where you would gladly spend your days on your own, with your family, and with your friends.

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