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Security DIY: Budget-friendly Ideas to Secure Your Home

They say a home is a man’s castle. And that it cannot and should not be violated by any stranger, or by police for that matter. The thought seemed pervasive today. But centuries ago, such thought was put brilliantly forward by Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634), an English jurist and judge, who declared in his ruling in one of his cases that there are definitely limits to how a sheriff would be able to conduct his business in inside a man’s house. It has to be done within the bounds of the law. Indeed, his ruling shows that a house has to be respected as it is a private place for a man and his family.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals think otherwise. Burglars, for one, think of your precious abode as a place of opportunity. It’s a source of income for him, as strange as that may sound. While you may think of it as a far-fetched reality for you, know that it’s always best to keep your property protected. FBI’s data alone shows there were over 1.4 million burglaries all across America in 2017. What’s more stunning is burglars work during the late morning and early afternoons, a time frame where most Americans are busy at work.

The good news is you can actually make your home an impregnable castle. Even better, you can use tried-and-tested methodologies that don’t cost you an arm and a leg. In short, you can rest easy things will be all taken care of.

Keep Entrances Locked

It would seem that it’s but logical. Keeping your windows and doors locked should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, some households forget such essentials. You’d be surprised to know a good number of Americans have made it a habit not to lock their doors.

But if you want to make your home intrusion-free making a habit of locking doors and windows is wise. As stats show, most home burglars are people within a two-mile radius of your home. And you may even have unwittingly allowed them to enter your precious abode as a visitor.

Moreover, stats show most burglaries happen from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. Burglars usually take about 10 minutes to commit the crime. Plus, know that 34% of these lawbreakers enter through your front door while 23% enter through your window. What the means is home thieves come in through the most convenient ways.

Update Your Locks

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If you have never updated your locks, then now is the best time to do so. Now and then, you should conduct due diligence. Check each of these locks one by one. Know if there are damaged locks. Additionally, you should check if the lock is good enough. Is it easy to bump open or pick?

It’s always best to use locks that aren’t as burglar-friendly. A good example, in this case, is a Euro-style cylinder lock. Not only are these kinds of locks are made of stainless steel, but they also are as anti-burglar as they come. Sturdy and well-crafted Euro cylinder locks resist picking and drilling. In short, they’re a good ally to fight off intruders.

Reinforce Openings

Here’s what you need to know. Burglars are a persistent lot. They come in ready with tools to pry your door open. So even if your lock is state-of-the-art, but if your doors are weak and flimsy, then things aren’t going to hold. The same goes true for your windows. A strong kick at a weak spot at your door could let the burglars in no time. So inspect things and ensure your set-ups are solid.

For instance, replace doors that are broken or those that easily break. You can use a security bar or a door barricade to strengthen your entrance. For sliding doors, utilize an auxiliary foot lock to cover your entrance weak point.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Burglary is about desire. Once a thief sees you have items of interest, then he’ll move heaven and earth to get it. A good strategy, therefore, is to hide your precious items. Pieces of jewellery and portable electronics such as smartphones and laptops should not be highly visible from the street. You can make the most of blinds and curtains in this regard so passers-by won’t make a study of your home.

Use Motion Sensor Lights

This may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Motion sensor lights can play a huge role in discouraging scoundrels from ransacking your home. You can use motion-sensing light bulbs in this regard. Or you can use a motion detection adapter to transform your ordinary bulb into one.

It’s a useful way to make burglars freeze on their way to a crime. And let you have your good night’s rest with ease.

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