A Covered Patio Lets You Enjoy the Outdoors

Covered patios make an excellent way to increase the amount of liveable space in your home. You can put the extra space in your backyard to good use and improve the quality of your life.

Affordable patio enclosures are an asset when looking to increase the amount of usable space in the home. You get to enjoy spending time outdoors without soaking in too much sun. With a covered patio, you can relax in a spot away from the burning sun.

You’re spoilt for choice when looking to bring shade to shade an outdoor space. The only limiting factors here are your space, budget, and imagination. Otherwise, you can indulge your creative sense and build a custom living space.

Consult Experts

As with any new structure in the home, you might want to check with your city’s building codes as well as the Homeowners’ Association. Most cities have guidelines as to where the detached or attached structures can be built. Ignoring these laws can have you facing multiple violations that saddle you with hefty fines or even force you to take it down.

The HOA will have a say about the design, height, and finish materials. It best to adhere to such requirements to avoid running into trouble later on. Working with a professional service that’s familiar with HOA guidelines and the city’s requirements helps you get the best results. An expert service will also pick the best location and ensure that your covered patio lives up to your expectations.

Pick the Right Size

covered patio

A covered patio is great for a dining area, an outdoor kitchen, a living area, or even a built-in fireplace. You can custom it to suit any need within the home, including a playhouse for the kids or a home office. Working with a professional, you can pick the right spot to achieve maximum functionality.

Naturally, the form of a covered patio follows its function. In other words, the size of the structure will depend on the intended use as well as the space you have available. You need to decide how much shade you need as well as the kind of furniture that you plan to put in that space. Other than the area of the patio cover, you need to consider the height as well. The height of a typical arbour varies from eight to eleven feet tall.

Pick the Right Roof

You have the option of a solid and open roof when building a patio cover. A lattice roof provides you with lots of ambient light in addition to creating partial shade. It won’t, however, shelter you from the occasional shower but will ensure maximum air circulation. A solid cover, on the other hand, maximises shade while protecting you from the rains.

A covered patio is an excellent addition to your home as it increases the amount of liveable space. You can use that extra space for an outdoor living room, a dining room, or even an office. You need to make the right decision to avoid running into problems later on.

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