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The Taste of Luxury: What to Partner with Champagne

The best way to celebrate success is to enjoy it with your loved ones. However, if you’re unable to attend, you can opt to send champagne gifts as a form of congratulations. Champagne by itself is an enjoyable drink, but one should also consider pairing it with various snacks.

If you’re hosting a gathering, you can serve it alongside a few appetizers. Keep in mind, however, that champagne can’t be paired with just any food. To help you find the right combination of champagne and snacks or appetizers, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Blanc de blanc

Most champagnes are made with a mix of chardonnay, Pinot noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes. They give the wine its slight sweetness and acidity. However, blanc de blanc is made purely with white grapes, which provides them with a more fruity flavor. It lets them pair with a wider variety of food.

Since it is a sweet kind of champagne, it’s best with slightly salty food. Caviar is a good choice, with its brininess and oiliness being an excellent complement. Potato chips are a cheaper alternative. Also, the crunchy texture will match the champagne’s fizziness. If you’re looking for comfort food, macaroni and cheese is also an option. The champagne will cut through the dish’s creaminess.


This flavor is one of the most common types and is what usually comes to mind when champagne is mentioned. Its dryness and minimal sugar level characterize it. That is due to the sweetness being added at the later stage of fermentation. Brut has little to no amount of sweetness dosage, which highlights its acidity.

Brut can be paired with various kinds of food. An indulgent choice would be white truffle, whose pungent taste suits brut’s acidity. Citrus fruits are also appropriate. While the increased acidity may seem distasteful, citrus fruits have a hint of sweetness that can ultimately enhance the champagne’s flavor. Fried foods and protein are best, as the champagne diminishes the richness and fattiness.


Considered as a dessert wine, these kinds of champagne have a large amount of sweetness dosage added to it during its second fermentation. It has two types, which are demi-sec and doux. These are distinguished by their sweetness levels, with the latter having a higher sweetness level compared to the former.

Sweet champagne is best for desserts and cheeses. The desserts will elevate the champagne’s sweetness, while cheese provides a nice contrast. You can consider snacking on popcorn and step up your movie nights. An unlikely but also the right choice is an octopus, whose savoriness will complement your sweet beverage.


Rose champagne glasses

This champagne gets its soft pink color due to its berry or Pinot noir additives. It is also possible to have red wine as an addition. This type is not as sweet as a dessert wine but instead is slightly more acidic compared to brut. It has a deeper depth of flavor.

Rosé is good with savory food, such as pizza. The tomato sauce’s acidity complements the champagne, while the creamy cheese topping is a pleasant addition. Cured meats and fish are also a fine choice since the salty and smoky flavors go well with rosé’s berry aspect. You can also try spicy foods since the fruity acidity presents a delightful contrast. Korean cuisine is suggested, due to its bold spiciness and fermentation.

Champagne has a variety of flavors that can go well with a diverse amount of food, provided that you know the right flavor profiles to mix and match. Use this as a guide in treating yourself, organizing sophisticated parties, or preparing hampers to send.

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