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Secrets for a More Relaxed Morning for Mothers

Mothers carry a mental load that other family members do not feel. There seems to be an endless list of things to do inside their heads. That could lead to waking up feeling rushed and tired. Whatever the mood one wakes up in could spill to her family. How does one set the mood in the morning? Read on for inspiration.

Sleep in a Relaxed State

The first step to waking up in a relaxed mood is going to bed in the same state. Thus, it is imperative to set up your room for this purpose. Buy bedroom furniture you would be excited to sleep in. Set the room temperature in the right degree.

Beyond the physical atmosphere, have a bedtime routine that can help you unwind. That may be hard considering all the bedtime routines that you need to attend to with your little ones. It does not need to be that elaborate. A simple skincare routine or a cup of your soothing drink will do. You may also have a gratitude journal to affirm you.

Make Your Morning Routine All About Self-Care

You may be familiar with the idea of hitting the alarm clock and going out in a mad rush to do the many things on your list. It is something that every mother can relate to. But, this practice could harm your mental state for the whole day.

Instead, set your alarm an hour earlier. Then, have the luxury to wake up slowly. Give yourself a moment as you open your eyes and not think of anything. Then, have some full yet gentle stretches as you ease yourself off the bed. Do not put off showering for later when you have time. Self-grooming is essential to set the right mood for the day.

Inspire Yourself with Something

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Find inspiration to help you go through the day. You may listen to an inspirational podcast or song. Recite to yourself your favourite quote or self-affirmation line. You can also find encouragement by being thankful for simple things, such as the chance to start a new day. When your mind is full of positive thoughts, you will have a surge of energy to help you move about your day.

Lavish with Love

Hugging your spouse, your children, or your pets is also an excellent way to feel energized. Instead of tackling any chores head-on, find a simple connection with someone first. It could be a simple hug or a short conversation. That will help your body release feel-good hormones. Also, you will not feel mechanical in performing your daily tasks when your love tank is full. You will remember the greater purpose of why you are doing such things.

Establish a Realistic Schedule

It will be easy to get overwhelmed when you dump your schedule with unrealistic tasks. Learn to focus on what needs to be done for the day. If it is possible, have your to-do list ready the night before. That will help you condition yourself better of how your day will go about.

Do not try to fit everything in a day. Learn to delegate as well. Assign things that other family members are capable of doing. Remember that it does not have to be a one-woman show.

How you start your day will have an impact on how your mood will be for the next hours. Do yourself a favour by being intentional on starting a happy day. When you do, everything will be lighter. You will breeze through everything that comes your way.

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