Practical Ways to Care for an Aging Loved One

Caring for an elderly can be a daunting task. There are many adjustments that one has to make to give their loved one the care that they deserve. Are you at this crossroads? Is an aging parent under your roof? Here are some things you have to remember as you keep both yours and their love tank full.

Be Certain About Their Health Conditions

Aging is tough on one’s body. Do not have false assumptions about what they need. Be sure about it. Do they need back pain relief? Are their eyesight giving them trouble? Joining them during their visits with the doctor will help you get an idea of their general health.

Getting all the details straight will also help you develop a plan for going about their healthcare. You would know how much time and finances your family needs to shell out. This will put everyone on the same page and avoid future frustrations.

Lavish with Love

old woman with nurseLoving a senior parent goes a long way for them to accept where they are at the moment. Make them feel honored and not considered a burden. This way, they can look back with all the years behind them as a fulfillment. There will be no room for regrets or grief.

Always make them feel included. Show respect by always including them in major decisions. Spend time with them. Also, extend some patience when they seem to be complicated.

Losing their sense of dignity is another issue that some elders encounter. You can prevent this from happening by giving them some space. If you feel that they can still perform self-care routines for themselves, let them. They also would not want to feel so vulnerable.

Encourage Them to Engage in a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Another area where aging can take a toll is on one’s mind or emotions. As one advances in age, feelings of depression and decreased self-worth are common. Do not let your elderly loved-one go down this path.

Boost their stamina by providing them with healthy food. There can be restrictions for them when it comes to their food intake. Give them alternatives where they do not feel deprived of delicious food. A good diet contributes to a general feeling of happiness.

Also, inspire them to maintain a healthy social connection with friends. A quick lunch-out or even a video call with their friends help. It will allow them to share things that only they could relate to. Giving them avenues to move will also make them feel functional. Have them do small gardening activities. You can also encourage them to volunteer in a cause they believe in.

Secure an Environment of Safety

A sense of safety is one way to make your senior family member feel loved. You need to make some adjustments in the physical aspect of your home to achieve this. As much as it is possible, make your home a place where they would not feel restricted with their movements. This is applicable if they can still go about without much aid from others.

The bathroom is one place where risks abound for an aging person. Make sure to install handlebars and non-slip features. Having hallways lighted will also give them the confidence to move about. Installing low cabinets is also a considerate act.

Seeing a senior parent advance in age can be a difficult change for all. But when you know what areas to look for, this phase will become more bearable for everyone involved.

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