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Get the Perfect Skincare Routine Like a KPOP Star

There are many factors to consider when creating a skincare routine. Discovering what type of skin you have, whether it is dry skin, oily skin, or sensitive skin is important since you will then know how to take care of it. It’s also incredibly important to know which products to use, their effects and benefits they have on your skin, and knowing the correct order to apply them. Spending hundreds of dollars buying the best beauty products would be proven worthy once you achieve the trendy glow of the skin of a KPOP Star. The once mysterious skin care routine of Koreans is no longer a mystery if you follow some of these tips:

Use a Facial Cleanser – Twice

You should always wash your face twice if you wish to have clean and clear skin. Splashing your face in the morning and grabbing whichever soap is closest to you won’t work as well since aside from simply washing your face, the key is to double cleanse using oil and another with a foaming cleanser. The oil in the cleanser attaches itself to the oil in your face and cleans a different crud off your face. Twice also meant doing it twice a day, as splashing your face with water in the morning doesn’t automatically mean your face won’t get dirty throughout the day. Nighttime is completely different, so double cleanse once in the morning and then another at night.


Toners are important for refreshing, rebalancing, and hydrating the skin. Ingredients on toners like AHA and BHA help if you want the benefits of anti-aging, less acne, and wrinkles. The skin also reacts favorably to the touch of warm hands so applying toners with your hands is highly recommendable. Pores would visibly be minimized, and the redness would be diminished after use, therefore achieving soothed skin in no time.

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Layering Products

Relying on one thick cream to do all the miracle does not often result in the expected glow of the skin, so layering products is the key. Initially, a toner is used as your first layer of moisture, and applying essence would be considered as your second one. This prevents the clogging of pores and allows the skin to breathe since these products aid the skin with the absorption of its application.

Go to a Skin Clinic

While having the physical appearance of a clear and perfect skin seems nice and deemed picture-worthy, the importance of a healthy skin trumps them all. It’s not enough for your skin to look clear and healthy, it MUST be healthy as well.

One of the key secrets of a KPOP star’s glowy skin is actually taking care of it by going to a skin clinic to have it checked. How do we know this? Well, Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation who is a KPOP Star herself has revealed going to a dermatologist as an important factor as to how she achieved such clear skin. A KPOP Star’s statement shall be enough for it to be proven credible, so go visit your nearest Provo dermatologist for more tips!

The following were a few tips on how to establish the perfect skincare routine. You might just have the clear skin you are aiming for without actually being a KPOP star if you follow some of these tips!

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