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How to Maintain the Landscape of Your Commercial Property

Salt Lake City’s commercial real estate market is on a roll.

The CBRE 2018 report on the Salt Lake City real estate market revealed a record $2.2 billion in investment sales. According to Lloyd Allen, the managing director of CBRE, a strong economy, the increasing quality of life, and a business-friendly policy have contributed to the boom in the commercial real estate market in the City.

This is excellent news for the city and its residents, but it also presents a challenge for existing commercial businesses. To remain competitive in a booming market, your business should be excellent at all fronts, the landscape being one of them.

Whether you own a hospital, an office building or a mall, your landscape will help you stand out in an increasingly crowded market. Here are ways to keep a beautiful and inviting landscape:

1. Keep the weeds in check.

Weeds grow long and often if left unchecked. Aside from ruining the neat look of your landscape, weeds steal nutrients from your grass, which will cost you more in the long run.

Weeding should be done at least once a week by a professional who knows how to remove weeds carefully and effectively.

2. Trim your trees.

In your busiest times, it’s hard to remember trimming your trees, resulting in large branches. According to the Department of Agriculture (USDA), trees have to be cut first for security, next for health, and then for beauty.

Overgrown branches present safety issues as people can trip and fall due to low-hanging branches. It may even cause damages to your commercial property. Further, some branches might be dead or diseased. To protect the overall health of the tree, these branches need to be cut off. Aside from that, overgrown trees can also block the view of your building.

Although it’s recommended to trim trees once a year during their dormant season, you should cut them whenever necessary. If you don’t have a staff to do tree trimming for you, some contractors can help you with tree trimming in Salt Lake City.

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3. Know what to do in each season.

Each season requires different preparation and maintenance practices for your lawn. For example, the best times and frequency to water the garden differs in summer and fall. In fall, you also have to prepare the yard for the upcoming winter. Winter requires a different approach altogether as you also have to manage snow.

4. Keep edges safe.

Lastly, the edges of your lawn are the most crucial parts of your landscape. This is where people navigate. Well-maintained edges promote safety both for people and vehicles. For example, when an edge is hidden by a pile of leaves, the risk for people to trip and fall increases. Poorly defined boundaries can also cause vehicles to hit trees and plants, causing accidents in parking areas and driveways.

Lawn maintenance can be demanding especially for more significant areas. If you need help with maintaining your lawn, you can work with landscaping contractors in Salt Lake City. Maintaining your commercial landscape in Salt Lake City will not only help you stand out but also promote safety among your clients, employees, and suppliers.

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