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Getting to grips with divorce proceedings and how divorce solicitors can help

Making tough times easier

In the eyes of the law, a divorce is when a marriage is deemed by a court to be no longer legally binding. This does not resolve the many other aspects of separation – such as shared finances – and it is during the resolution of these areas that trusted divorce solicitors in Weybridge can be a vital help.

The fact that many people are unaware that a divorce does not resolve issues such as shared finances may be why some couples don’t obtain what is called a ‘Clean Break Order’ or Final Order before they are divorced.

These orders aim to make sure that both couples can split amicably without their finances being mixed together, and any couples without such an order should seriously consider seeking out legal guidance from a professional.

How can a divorce solicitor help resolve my shared finances?

One mistake which couples who are going through divorce proceedings often make is assuming that there are no time constraints in resolving their financial matters.

While it is understandable to want to delay the rounding off of accounts or shared assets like mortgages whilst you sort out the divorce, it may be a mistake. In doing so you can actually leave yourself in a more vulnerable position, as without a consent order an ex-partner may have the legal right to claim half of your assets in the future.

This also expands to future earnings – such as unexpected lottery windfalls or inheritance money and can leave people having to pay for mounting legal fees in defence of their ex’s claim without any guarantee that they will not have to pay out.

One reason that many couples have for not filling out a consent order is that couples agree to split amicably without any discontent or anger.

However, the truth is that there is never any certainty that feelings between the couple will remain as such, especially as more time goes by and one party may feel they are owed more than they initially agreed to.

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Can a divorce solicitor help with properties and taxes?

Another area of a divorce or separation that an experienced divorce solicitor can be a huge help with is resolving any financial arrangements to do with property or capital gains taxes.

While most people are aware that when you sell a property that is not your primary residence there are often issues concerning capital gains tax. What fewer people are aware of is that the Inland Revenue gives divorcing couples just one year to finalise and resolve any divorce papers before one person in the couple becomes liable to pay capital gains tax.

By employing the guidance and help of an expert legal solicitor who knows the intricacies and necessary steps to take to completely and finally resolve a divorcing couple’s financial affairs, you can save yourself from a mountain of stressful paperwork.

While going through a divorce is never easy, getting legal support and representation is always worth it in the long run, as you can ensure that whatever happens your legal and financial rights are protected, because someone is looking out for you.

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