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You don’t need to be alone when you’re going through a separation

A divorce solicitor in Guilford could be the answer to your problems if you are struggling to deal with your separation alone. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration when you separate from your partner, such as children, money and family pets as well as the family home. Speaking to a lawyer will allow you to explore your options and explain what your desired outcomes are. Your lawyer will be able to tell you if your expectations are realistic and come up with a strategy to represent you to the best of their abilities. In some instances you may not even require a lawyer, but it is always best to have a chat with someone to confirm this first, just in case.

There are multiple grounds for divorce

There are five grounds for divorce that are considered as legal reasons to separate from someone that you are still married to but no longer in a relationship with. If your partner has had sexual relations with another person and admitted it then this is adultery, and if they have had sexual relations with another person and will not admit it then this can be classed as unreasonable behaviour. Unreasonable behaviour can include anything that results in you being unable to live with your partner reasonably anymore. If your partner has deserted you then after a period of two years you will be able to begin the process of legal separation. In the circumstances where you have ended a relationship with mutual consent, you are able to file for divorce two years after your separation. If your partner refuses to give consent or you are unable to get consent for whatever reason, you will be able to file for separation five years after your relationship ended.

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Legal help with your best interests at heart

There are some things that people do not even know about legal separation until they are experiencing it themselves. For example, you need to have been married for more than twelve months to be able to file for divorce, meaning that if you end your relationship sooner than this you will need to wait before you can start proceedings. Having a lawyer will also aid you when it comes to filling out all of the required paperwork, as this can be incredibly complicated in some cases. If paperwork is filled out incorrectly this can result in your separation taking longer or costing more, so it is recommended to get assistance to help you avoid this problem. In situations where children are involved they will become the priority. It is important to disrupt their lives as little as possible, meaning that it is usually recommended for them to stay in the family home. You will not always need to go to court when children are involved. Sometimes agreements can be made amicably without any further assistance, whilst other times mediation can be more of an ideal solution instead of heading straight to the courtroom.

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