Creating an excellent dental website using the 7 P’s of dental marketing

A tried-and-tested excellent approach to creating dental websites is using the 7Ps of dental marketing to help differentiate yourself from the thousands of other dental websites already out there. Dental practices offer very similar treatments and procedures and because of this dental websites are also quite similar in the information that they provide and the advice that they hand out. With most dental practices sporting an attractive dental website it is important that you seek the advice of an award-winning digital dental marketing team when putting together your website for your dental practice to help convince patients that they should choose you rather than the other dental practices in your area.

Making sure you have a great homepage

The 7PS of dental marketing begins with the profile of your dental practice and this includes the actual name and brand of your business, and your USPs which make you different from your local competitors. This information is important for attracting visitors to your website and by displaying it together on a visually stimulating, interactive and interesting homepage, you will be able to attract the attention of potential patients who are either searching for a new dentist in the area or looking to address their dental needs. It is good to include a click to call button throughout the website but especially on the homepage so that a visitor may call you on impulse when they see your website and then you can encourage them to book an appointment and visit you in person. By allowing the information on your homepage to change and including different things about yourself you will be able to retain the attention of the visitor and encourage them to explore the rest of your website further.

It is important to put in maximum effort when creating your dental website because this is the virtual front door of your dental practice and as we all know first impressions are very important.

A website to set you apart from the crowd

dentist and patient

The rest of the website itself is made up of the other 6 Ps of the dental marketing mix. These include the people on your team and the actual premises of your dental practice itself, which is very important to highlight as this personalises your website and sets you apart from your competitors. Information with regards to the treatments and procedures that you offer at your dental practice should be presented in a clear, concise and interesting manner and should be easy to navigate so that your visitor can easily find what they are looking for. Including the prices of all your treatments and procedures is important because this is a key factor for most people. You may like to find out the prices that your competitors are providing however you should also be confident about your own prices and offer payment plans where possible or treatment packages which can help entice potential patients further.

Find out more about the 7 P’s of dental marketing and speak to an excellent dental marketing team to help you create a fantastic dental website that can help attract new patients and boost the success of your business very soon.

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