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Coolsculpting: Get to Know the Applicators Utilized in the Procedure

Coolsculpting has become an acceptable and successful alternative to liposuction. It allows you to lose weight and contour your body without ever needing a surgical procedure. Admittedly, it is difficult to understand how it works. The first step might be for someone to understand the applicators that are available.

Note that for the procedure to work, you will need to be careful of two things. First, you need to be in the right medical spa in Utah. Second, you need the right applicator for the body part that you are targeting. It is also important to know that only the fat cells in your body will be affected by the treatment. No wonder there is a variety of applicators to suit the different body types. With that in mind, here are the most common applicators you will find:


This device has a curvature that makes fitting possible over skin that is rounded or curved. It works primarily on the flanks. The applicator can contour them based on their natural shape. However, one can also use this applicator on the chest. A treatment session with this device takes only 35 minutes but may take longer if the applicator is old.


This device is by far the most preferred of all abdomen applicators. It is shaped in such a way that it will address the fat bulges. It is typically smaller than other applicators. Like with CoolCurve+, this procedure will take you a maximum of 35 minutes. It involves suction and requires only one application per cycle. Note that for some people, the treatments can be many. The number varies based on the distribution of fat in your abdomen and its size.


Coolsculpted body of a womanThis applicator is primarily used to treat the upper arms and the inner thighs. However, it can also be used to get rid of vertical planes that appear in the abdomen. It works best if the patient does not need curvature. There, it serves to reduce fat. With the right professional, this applicator can also be used on parts of the body that have long cooling planes. CoolFit comes with an applicator cup for fat orientations that are flat and vertical.


With this device, you need to spare 45 minutes if the procedure will be useful. As the name suggests, the invention is small enough to be able to address areas that have little fat and are difficult to reach. For example, this applicator can be used to treat a double chin. It can also be used to get rid of armpit puffs and to remove fat around the knees.


This device is fashioned to serve small fat pockets. It is used to deliver small upper arms. It can also be used in other areas of the body that have little need for contouring.

While these are the central coolsculpting applicators in the market today, you should know that the technology keeps evolving. That said, it is always a better option to have your coolscuplting done by a professional who strives to utilize the latest devices.

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