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Cavity Sliding Doors: The Perks of Having One

A spacious home with areas that are neatly separated from each other gives out an organised feel. It also has a very modern touch. However, with the increasing cost of land, more people are settling into smaller land areas. But, this does not mean you should live in a cramped space where everything is mixed up like a bowl of salad. Thanks to cavity sliding doors, you can have a designated space for everything.

Cavity slider doors gained popularity over the years for a variety of reasons that will be discussed in the article. Also known as a pocket door, a cavity slider door is usually made of a panel hanging by a top rail and is opened by sliding the door sideways towards a pocket that is hidden in the adjacent wall. Cavity sliding doors are usually used indoors and even in closets.

The Benefits of Cavity Sliding Doors

More Space

As it does not consume space when opened, unlike traditional doors, cavity sliding doors give an illusion of a bigger room space. A small room can be separated from their respective spaces (the main room, closet, and bathroom) with the help of a cavity sliding door.

Conserve Energy

Adding more doors can help keep your home well insulated. It stays warm during the winter as it helps keeps the warm temperature inside while keeping you cool and comfortable during the summers. Doors with composite gasket can seal up your room and act as a barrier for the weather and sound. It can also keep dust and rain away. Having one can help your HVAC system work less and consume less energy.

Added Security

Cavity sliding doors have locks that keep your home secure. Gone are the days when homeowners are hesitant to install these doors for security purposes because it wasn’t done using safety glass. Nowadays, cavity sliding doors are made of glass materials that do not easily break.

Easy Usage

Slide there to open, and slide here to close. It gives you adequate security, but it does not mean it is hard to use. Cavity sliding doors are very easy to use which makes them a popular choice among homeowners.

Natural Light

Glass sliding doors

Another way to save energy is through the use of natural light. Having cavity sliding doors in the kitchen leading to the backyard can help you have ample natural light you can enjoy. Installing blinds can help give a degree of privacy when you need it. With fewer lights open, the less energy you would consume throughout the day.


Your home might be small, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Having cavity sliding doors can add a touch of modern style to every home. It has a lot of styles you can choose from which can match your home’s ambiance and theme.

Give your home a brand new look by installing cavity sliding doors and see how it can help increase the space that you use as well as your quality of life.

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