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Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home

The cost of electricity and gas has been on a steady increase in recent times. This means increased household spending and drained critical savings.

However, you have the power to limit your spending on energy-related bills by adopting proven efficient energy saving tips. Also, by conserving energy, we play a significant role in environmental conservation. The following tips are not only easy but very reliable and effective.

Cut Down On Your Water Heating Expenses

Water heating is among the major energy consumers at home. There are several ways you can reduce the amount of energy used up during water heating. The key is to have an efficient water heating system. Research widely to get energy-efficient water heater replacement.

Ensure that you go for one with a long life guarantee of up to 10 years. It will enable you to enjoy long-term savings. For water heater replacement, make sure to hire a reliable plumber in Woodbridge, VA to do the job for you.
Readjusting the thermostat on your hot water tank’s regular boiler is also another way. Doing so keeps the water from excessively heating up and stores it at the right temperature. Additionally, you can have your hot water tank and the water pipes insulated. Ensure that the insulation of the pipes covers up to six feet. Reduce the amount of hot water you use. Do this by taking a shower as opposed to baths. Also, minimize the amount of water you use during showers.

Replace Your Light Bulbs

girl replacing light bulbThe amount of electricity consumed by standard incandescent lighting is way higher compared with energy-efficient ones. They also have a short lifespan, and you end up spending more by regularly replacing them.

Install light-emitting diode bulbs (LED’s) or Compact Florescent lights (CFL’s). They last up to 25 times longer than the traditional bulbs. They have also been proven to consume 30-80 % less electricity. Their extended service guarantees lower energy costs and greater environmental benefits in the long run.

Some habits developed over time have led to high energy consumption. You need a change to lower your costs. Simple things such as leaving light bulbs and appliances on when not in use end up increasing the electricity bills. You can also hand-wash and air dry your dishes and save on electricity consumption from the dishwasher.

This can also apply to your laundry by hang-drying them as opposed to using the dryer. When using the laundry machine, ensure that you pile a considerable load. By so doing, you reduce the need to use it often.

Manage the heating and cooling systems by installing a programmable thermostat. It can help regulate your air conditioner in summer and the thermostat during winter. A 15% readjustment for up to 8 hours can lower your heating costs by up to 15 %.

During summers you can use BBQ to the maximum and use waste wood. This reduces electricity and gas costs accrued from cooking. Make use of the microwave too when cooking or heating food as it uses less energy compared to the conventional oven.

Energy conservation at home is highly beneficial both to you and the environment. A change in your daily habits, reducing water heating expenses and replacing light bulbs are helpful strategies that will help in the noble endeavor.

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