Bed Matters: The Proper Way to Take Care of Your Sheets

With the resultant studies that relate the quality of sleep that one gets affects the life of a person directly, more people are taking the subject of buying quality bamboo sheets and other bedding seriously.

However, that is not the end; one should take care of their beddings well to ensure they serve them well and for long. That leads to the question that people ask when buying bed sheets, how should one take care of their bed sheets?

Special Care Fit for the Material

A great advantage you get if you buy bamboo sheets is that they are eco-friendly. The sheets are made of bamboo — a natural fiber. When washing these sheets, use mild cleaning products that take care of natural products.

Harsh cleaners or bleach products will affect the natural fiber and ruin the sheets. If using a washing machine, be sure to set it on a gentle washing cycle. The best drying option is air drying, but the low dry setting will not damage the sheets.

Frequent Washing

While one may assume that washing your bed sheets less often will prolong their service life, the opposite is the truth. It is advisable to wash the bed sheets at least once every week.

Human beings spend a large part of their day sleeping, and during their time, sweat, dirt, dust, and body oils accumulate. When the particles amass on your sheets for a while, they stain the bed sheets and put a strain on the fiber.

Also, it is essential to clean the sheets often for hygienic purposes. The foreign particles attract mites, which in turn cause and spread diseases. Individuals living in humid areas should consider washing their bed sheets even more often.

Washing Guidelines

washing machines

Whether you will be washing the sheets using hands or a washing machine, you should always separate the sheets from other clothes. That allows the bed sheets time to absorb the water and cleaning product and thus get cleaner.

You also protect the sheets from getting torn from strain pout on the fabric from fasteners and zippers. You can use either cold or warm water when washing your sheets.

Do not wring the bed sheets tightly to prevent wrinkles on the fabric. Consider drying the sheets outside but not in the sun as to preserve the fabric.


After cleaning your bed sheets in the right way and drying them completely, it is time that you consider storing them appropriately. An ideal way to store the bed sheets is according to their patterns and type.

You can either store them in labeled boxes or fold and put the sheets in a pillowcase. Proper storage and in a certain manner, allows you to access the bed sheets easily when you need to use them.

Just as bed sheets come in different sizes to fit the different bed sizes, they are also available in different materials. When buying your bamboo sheets, be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the necessary care routine. That way, you will maintain the condition and look of your bed sheets, and they will serve you right for long.

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