Types of Coils Used in Innerspring Mattresses

Your mattress is the primary determinant of the quality of sleep you will get. Science has led to various mattress innovations and you are guaranteed to now get one to meet your sleeping needs.

Since their inception in the 19th century, innerspring mattresses remain one of the best choices for a good night’s rest. These comprise steel coils that compress when you put weight on them.

The innerspring mattresses you will come across at a mattress store, such as 2 Brothers Mattress in Salt Lake City, are categorized according to the size, number, and design of their coils. A high coil number and large coil size denoted as the gauge generally mean better support and a higher mattress quality.

The following are the available coil designs used in innerspring mattresses.

Continuous Coils

These comprise several S-shaped coils that run from your mattress’ head to its toe, hence its name. The coils are connected using one metal piece and are configured in rows.

Mattresses with continuous coils are firmer compared with others and inexpensive because of their low manufacturing costs. They are also more durable since the weight on the coils is evenly distributed across several springs.

Bonnell Coils

These are also known as open coils. They are the oldest and most common coil types for innerspring mattresses. Bonnell coils are hourglass-shaped and form a helix structure when putting together. The design provides excellent initial support for your weight.

The coils will, however, generally wear out faster than other options. Bonnell-coiled innerspring mattresses are mid-priced owing to their simple manufacturing process.

Offset Coils

Like the Bonnell coils, offset coils are hourglass-shaped. The shape of their coils, however, is square shaped on the top and bottom rather than completely round. The coils are held together using helical wires. Offset coils have better support compared with other options since the coils are firmer.

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They also conform to the contours of your body better and last longer than Bonnell and continuous coils. Mattresses made with these coils are however more expensive compared with other alternatives.

Marshall Coils

These are also called pocketed coils. They comprise separate coils enclosed in a fabric cover. The coils are held using a helical which is a wire spiral while the fabric is sewn or glued together to prevent the coils from moving out of line.

Although expensive, Marshall coils provide optimal support for your body’s contours. They are also the best choice for couples since the coils will not transfer your body’s movement to your partner’s side of the bed owing to their motion isolation feature.

Innerspring mattresses comprise three layers. These include the foundation, core, and upholstery. The foundation is the mattress’ primary structure and is often made of wool while the core houses the above coils and springs. The upholstery is the mattress’ top layer and is made of foam or fiber.

Compared to other mattress options, innerspring mattresses are inexpensive, come in a range of firmness levels to suit different needs and are softer and more bouncy. The primary drawback of these mattresses is noise since the coils might be a bit squeaky.

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