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Are you considering having replacement teeth treatment?

If you have been dealing with a missing tooth or teeth, which results in affecting your day to day life, you may want to consider investing in treatment to help replace them.

Dental practices across the UK all provide restorative treatments for patients who are suffering with a missing or broken tooth. These dental treatments include bridges, crowns and dentures.

A bridge is the term given to describe a dental restoration which is used to replace a missing tooth. Generally, metal and porcelain are used to create a crown on either side of where there is a gap. Bridges are fixed onto your teeth so there is no chance of removal.

Another procedure that treats patients suffering from a missing tooth or teeth is the use of dentures.

Dentures; also referred to as false teeth, are custom made to fit where your natural teeth should be. You can either have a full set which is used to replace all teeth or a half set in order to replace either one or more than one missing tooth. Usually, dentures are made by using impressions that are made from your gums. Unlike bridges, dentures are removable so they can be taken out to clean and therefore you are able to maintain good oral hygiene.

If however you are still not sure of what dental treatment to get, you can consider investing in dental implants.

Have you thought about dental implants?

dentistAnother option that is available for patients at dental practices is dental implant treatment. Dental implants are an alternative to dentures, however unlike dentures they are fixed into a patient’s jawbone and are not removable. They work as tooth roots where your natural tooth roots should be, and provide a secure base for a dentist to place a replacement tooth.

Considered one of the best treatments for tooth replacement, dental implants are known to last for many years, as long as patients are able to employ a good oral hygiene regime and strict maintenance. Getting fixed replacement teeth also provides stability, so patients do not have to worry about their replacement teeth moving or shifting whilst eating or talking.

 Can anyone receive this treatment?

Generally you need to have good dental health to be able to have this treatment. If a patient has been dealing with a condition like it would be strongly advised for it to be treated first before going ahead with tooth replacement. Also if a patient has a condition such as type 2 diabetes, it may be advised for them to consider another treatment option, as it can affect the healing process of a patient.

Another important factor in receiving dental implants is the bone density in an individual’s jawbone. For this procedure an individual is required to have sufficient jawbone in order for the artificial tooth root to provide a stable surface for the replacement tooth.

 Are there any disadvantages in receiving replacement teeth?

Compared to getting dentures and bridges, receiving dental implants are expensive, so it is important to discuss payment options before starting treatment. However the obvious advantages of the treatment far outweigh the cost and provide patients with confidence and a new lease of life.

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