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Seven Timeless Accessories Every Working Mom Needs in Her Closet

When you’re balancing work and family life, it can be stressful to keep up with trends and swapping clothes and accessories for every change of the season.

If you’re looking at practicality while shopping for accessories, consider these no-fail basics that help you be in style all year round.


You need a gold bracelet, which is easy to wear for almost any occasion. It will make you stand out even if you’re not comfortable wearing too much bling.

Another timeless piece to keep in your wardrobe is a charm bracelet. This accessory allows you to create a unique piece that reflects your personality. Several jewelers provide ready-made charm bracelets, while others offer to customize based on the charms you’ve chosen.

Chain Necklace

As a versatile piece, a chain necklace can be worn on its own or layered with other necklaces. Fashion experts recommend buying a variety of sizes to make more of a statement.

The best part of chain necklaces is that it usually doesn’t break your budget. You can buy them in thrift shops or nearby jewelry stores.

Diamond Studs

Diamonds are not an everyday piece, but they can make your look more sophisticated when you wear them for a special event. Wearing diamond studs aren’t as loud as their necklace counterparts, but they provide the right amount of elegance.

Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold hoops add youth into any outfit. Wearing them with a plain shirt and jeans makes you look more put together. You’ll never go wrong with matching gold hoop earrings with a little black dress to an important event.

Pearl Jewelry

pearlsWhether they’re necklaces or earrings, pearl jewelry communicates elegance and sophistication. This type of accessory has stood the test of time, and your mother and grandmother might have passed on a piece of pearl jewelry to you at some point. Most pearl jewelry match any outfit, from business attire to formal gowns.

Buying pearls involves a bit of research to find the right piece that suits your budget and preference. You can choose a classic white pearl or go for a gold South Sea or black Tahitian.


Even though you’re already wearing a wedding ring, it would be fun to wear rings in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Feel free to choose one or a selection that suits your usual style.

Although style and color are common factors in choosing rings, size is essential for comfort levels. Be sure you know how to measure your ring size to find the right accessory that’s comfortable around your finger.


Timepieces not only ensure that you meet your appointments on time, but they also elevate your look. You’ll find a variety of watches to choose from, from the blush-tone metal ones that match every occasion to watches with removable bands that change your look without breaking the bank.

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and sometimes it isn’t easy to update yourself with whichever accessory is trending. This is why stylish pieces are there—you’ll always have something to keep you in style every season.

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