Are there any long term benefits to Invisalign braces? Read on to find out!

When you began searching online for some information about Invisalign braces, you probably came across lots of articles that spoke about the advantages of this treatment in the short term.
And why wouldn’t they? After all, Invisalign has a lot going for it in relation to short term results; it is fast, it is invisible and it is painless in comparison to traditional aligners; these are all good things!

But, it is less likely that you have come across an article that discusses the long-term advantages of clear or invisible braces. This article will examine the benefits of Invisalign treatment over a longer time span. And, just like the short term benefits, there are more than a few!

So, when you approach an Invisalign specialist, like Clear Braces Direct, you will know that treatment with Invisalign is good for a lifetime!

Now, on to the long term advantages of these invisible braces.

Healthier teeth

Even when your teeth are only slightly crooked, the opportunity for bacteria and plaque to accumulate increases.

As an Invisalign specialist like Clear Braces Direct will tell you, straighter teeth have a lower risk of decay, gum disease and are less likely to require more complex treatments like extractions or root canals. So, when you pop your first Invisalign tray in, you are not only getting a better-looking smile, but you are getting a healthier one too!

Improved hygiene

Straighter teeth are easier to look after properly.
If you have crooked, protruding or gapped teeth, you may find evidence of plaque on your teeth, even after you have brushed them. This increases the risk of issues like decay, periodontal disease, and even abscesses.
So, after your visit to an Invisalign dentist like Clear Braces Direct near London, you will find that your teeth will straighten, and will be easier to clean without leaving any bacteria behind. Brilliant!

Reduction in grinding and TMJ disorders

Even slightly misaligned teeth increase the risk of grinding and temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders. If your teeth do not fit together when you close your mouth, then you are more likely to have both of these issues at some point in your life.
Wearing an Invisalign brace will straighten your teeth and prevent you from grinding them in your sleep. In turn, this will put less pressure on your jaw muscles and bone, leaving you with fewer headaches when you wake up in the morning.

Lower risk of sleep apnoea


Your teeth hold your tongue in place and, you guessed it, misaligned teeth are less successful at holding your tongue in place as you sleep; this can cause sleep apnoea.
A potentially life-threatening condition, sleep apnoea cuts off your oxygen intermittently as you sleep and, you guessed it again, Invisalign braces reduce the risk of developing this issue.

Better digestive health

Misaligned teeth cannot chew food as well as straight teeth, causing secondary issues like indigestion. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign will improve your chewing and your digestive health too! Perfect!

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