Making Sure You Don’t Lose Your Engagement Ring

Regardless of its price, losing your engagement ring is devastating. Fortunately, there are plenty of measures to make sure you never lose your engagement ring, which we will talk about here.

Once you or your spouse proposes, your engagement ring becomes one of your very prized possessions. Of course, you don’t want to lose it. However, you can’t always keep your engagement ring on your finger, lest you want it to become damaged, so how can you make sure you never lose your precious ring?

1. Get the perfect fit

If your fiance guessed your ring size right, that’s great! However, if they got it a little too big, visit your trusted jeweler and have it resized. Otherwise, your ring may slip off without you even knowing it. The same applies if your ring is too tight. If you feel uncomfortable with a ring that’s too small, there is more tendency to take it off for a breather, which, of course, can lead to it being lost.

To get the most accurate fit for your ring, get measured when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold since temperatures can affect the size of our fingers.

2. Don’t take it off when you don’t need to

Obviously, the best way to avoid losing your ring is to keep it on your finger. Hence, don’t take it off when it’s unnecessary to do so, such as when going out with friends or going to a job interview. Even if it’s in your pocket or purse, there’s a much higher chance of losing it if it’s not on your hand.

3. Buy a ring holder

Wearing your ring to bed can cause damage when it constantly scuffs against the sheets, and showering with it can cause scum and mineral deposits to build up. If you want to keep your ring safe when taking it off before bed or a shower, keep a ring holder at your bedside and in the bathroom (away from the drains).

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4. Wear it on a necklace

If you have a job that does not allow accessories on your fingers (surgeon, nurse, cook, machine operator, etc.) or if you constantly do activities that put your ring at risk (housework, exercise, gardening, etc.), consider wearing your ring around your neck using a chain instead. If you want to swap between wearing your ring on your finger or on the necklace, you can buy a chain with a clip that allows you to attach your engagement ring as needed.

5. Resize when you need to

If you already had your engagement ring resized once, that doesn’t mean you can’t resize it again. If the ring starts becoming loose or tight, don’t hesitate to go back to the jeweler to resize the ring again.

6. Leave it at home

Before going on a trip that will require you to take your ring off at some point (if you plan to swim, go to the beach, exercise, hike, etc), consider leaving your engagement ring at home or in a safety deposit box. But if you want to take it with you, follow the abovementioned tips in this article to avoid losing it.

While following these tips is the best way to keep your ring safe, the chances of losing your ring are never zero. That said, getting ring insurance is also a good move; in case you lose it, you can get a replacement.

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