A Family that Does Yoga Together Stays Together

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is forced to stay at home and practice social distancing to reduce the spread of the infection. As a result, the family’s together at home, doing school, or working remotely, which could be emotionally and spiritually taxing.

Fortunately, there are many ways to ease COVID-19-related anxiety and strengthen the family’s bond. Yoga is a good example. When you incorporate mindfulness, breathwork, and the physical benefits of yoga, you can tap into your family’s creative spirit.

Since many Astanga yoga studios are closed as of the moment, you can turn your home into a personal yoga studio. Here are some of the changes you can do:

  • Create Space. The first step is to find a free space free from distractions. The room should be big enough for everyone to move and must offer inspiration for all. It could be your living room or a loft area that offers plenty of space and/or has a good view of the great outdoors or is decorated with inspiring art.
  • Find an Online Class or Watch a DVD. If you’re not sure which lesson to teach, there are plenty of options to help you establish a fun at-home yoga routine. Purchase a tutorial DVD online or go online to search for yoga lessons for the family.
  • Loosen Up and Have Fun! One of the best aspects of yoga with the kids is fun. Together, you follow breathing exercises, get creative with the poses, and move amidst the giggles. At first, your kids might struggle with the beginner’s poses but as they keep on having fun with yoga, they might ace even the advanced classes.

Components of Kid-Friendly Yoga

child yoga

If you want to do your own yoga class with the family, start with the following:

  • Warm-Up. Call your warm up a “Follow My Body” routine. Put on some lively music and lead the family through warm-up yoga movements. Discourage everyone from talking. They should follow your movements silently. To make the activity more fun, the family can take turns in leading the warm-up.
  • Yoga Poses. Give the kids a chance to choose their favorite yoga poses. In pairs or a group, the family can brainstorm ways to do poses together. For example, you can pose in front or behind each other, stay side by side, or simply hold hands. Encourage the kids to get creative so they can come up with poses they are comfortable with.
  • To perfect the breathing exercise, everyone must sit down while one person guides the others on how to breathe. If you are the leader, ask them to follow the movements of their hand with their breath. You can draw an imaginary square with your hand — each line should indicate an inhale and exhale. Draw any shape you want to make it more fun.
  • Cap off the yoga practice with everyone lying with their head on the belly of someone before them. Encourage them to close their eyes and breathe deeply as everyone lowers each other’s heads.

Make staying at home with the kids fun and relaxing at the same time by practicing family yoga as often as you can.

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