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5 Tips to Protect Your Furniture

Furniture items like chairs, tables, cabinets, and others are the reason your house does not look bare. You need to make sure that these furniture items will be in the space for the long haul. Below are five tips that can help protect your furniture so they last longer.

Do Not Let Your Pets Inside the Living Room

According to Pet Central, there is a big chance that your pets will try to scratch on your furniture, which means more wear and tear. If you do not want to have scratches on your furniture, it is best if you just do not let your pets inside certain parts of your home. Otherwise, you will have to just live with all the wear and tear that your furniture will experience. You might want your pet to have their own space in the house, so that they can live freely without any restrictions. There are professionals in Utah who suggest that it would also help if you tap a puppy training expert in a bid to keep your dog off your furniture.

Get a Set of Blinds

You may not know this but blinds are actually a lot of help if you want to make sure that the furniture in your living room and bedroom last for a long time. According to Fabricana, they can block much of the ultraviolet rays that could darken the surface of the wood that make up the furniture. If you want your furniture to be protected from the harmful UV rays that enter through your window, try to look for blinds. Apart from that, it also gives your home more privacy and control over lighting.

Clean the Furniture Regularly

person vacuuming the sofaIt goes without saying that if you want your stuff to last through the years, you will need to invest a considerable amount of money and time. You need to clean them on a regular basis, so that it will not look like you left it to rot by itself. Even just dusting it every weekend is already a huge help in maintaining its cleanliness. If you can, you may also want to vacuum and wipe it with an old rag or towel.

Try to Avoid Eating and Drinking in the Furniture

If the precious furniture that you are using is placed in the living room or the bedroom, it is not advisable for you to eat and drink there. Even if you are incredibly careful, some food particles may fall off your plate, which will then invite pests like ants, termites, and rats. They might endanger your furniture, as they can eat up the wood and other materials that make up your furniture. So, if you want your furniture to still be functional in the next few years, better not eat there at all.

Consider Putting Varnish or Shellac on Wood Furniture

If you want to maintain the shimmer and shine of the surface on your furniture, varnish or shellac is going to be your friend. You will need two to three coats of varnish or shellac for the furniture to be properly protected in your living room. However, if your furniture already has varnish or shellac, you need to apply it sparingly.

When you buy furniture for your home, you intend for them to last longer. The steps above are just a few tips that will help you ensure this happens.

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