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4 Ways You Are Causing Sewer Clogging

Clogged drains are repulsive. They make your home slimy, wet, and stinky. While the real culprit may not be obvious, the effects always are. One of the signs is water that won’t go down the drains but instead back up. This is one of the most common outdoor and indoor plumbing problems that needs to be dealt with by a plumber to prevent it from causing further issues. Once the problem is resolved, you need to establish what could be causing the clogging so that you can avoid it. Below are some ways you may be contributing to a regularly clogged sewer in your home in Salt Lake City:

Destabilizing the Ground

In case all your drains begin to back up, it is likely that the culprit is the sewer drain. In this case, replacement of the affected section is necessary. One way you can cause this is the use of heavy equipment on the ground above the pipe, increased human traffic along the line, or shifting of the soil that holds it. As a result, the pipes may sag resulting in accumulation of waste around the sunken point. It is also likely for the line to rupture, which results in a regular blockage.

Nurturing Plantation Along the Line

In case your sewer line is old and is made of porous material, it is likely to have two issues: The connections may not be as tight as they should, and plants are likely to infiltrate the pipes with time. When shrubs and trees grow close to water pipes, they are attracted to the pipes in search of water. Once they get enough nourishment, they expand and grow to an extent where they cause blockage and breakage.

Flushing Inappropriate Items Down the Toilet

toilet paper in toilet bowlThe well-being of your plumbing system is determined by how you treat it. Flushing down things that your toilet does not have the capacity to push down will certainly cause clogs over the main sewer line. Some of the foreign objects that should never go down the toilet bowl include tampons, diapers, wipes, and cat litter. These belong to the trash can. The only thing you should flush down is human waste and tissue paper. Practice caution with tissue paper too as too much of it can cause problems.

Draining Grease in Your Kitchen Sink

Blockages emanating from the kitchen are usually caused by draining grease down the kitchen sink. Once it goes down the drain, it gets to a point where the liquid fat and oil cool off. While pouring some hot water down the sink may help unclog it, committing this mistake repeatedly will result in excessive accumulation of grease. As a result, it will not only harden but keep accumulating causing a severe blockage.

The problem is compounded if you drain other things such as eggshells and coffee grinds as they will coagulate and worsen the problem. To prevent this, scrap greasy food remains in the trash and dispose of kitchen waste and garbage appropriately.

Sewer clogging may be invisible, but its effects can make your house inhabitable and result in property damage. A house with seeping drainage is also an unhealthy one. Learn how to avoid over-burdening your system to avoid unnecessary clogs. If, even after taking all the necessary precautions, it still happens, call in your plumber for troubleshooting and appropriate action.

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