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Tips for Maintaining the Rhodium Plating of Your White Gold Ring

Gold is the leading choice for couples when looking for a wedding band. Most people will opt for diamond engagement rings and are apprehensive that yellow gold does not match their diamond. Yellow gold is however not the only option for gold wedding bands available.

The best choice to match most of the stones on an engagement ring is white gold. This is an alloy of pure gold with metal with a silvery-white hue, such as silver or palladium. White gold wedding rings for her are delicate and are hence plated with rhodium to protect them.

Other than the protection of the underlying white gold, rhodium will boost the strength and durability of your wedding band and generates a lustrous white surface sheen. Unfortunately, the rhodium plating will not last forever, and without optimal care of your band, your ring will not last as long as your marriage will.

The following are some tips on protecting your ring’s rhodium plating from nicks and prolonging its life as long as possible.

Avoid rubbing the plating of your ring.

A rubbing motion around your ring finger when cleaning your hands or bathing will wear down the rhodium coating fast. If you are in professions that necessitate the constant washing of your hands, you can opt to take the ring and wearing it on a neck chain instead. If, however, you are confident you will avoid rubbing your finger when washing, you can keep the ring on.

Do not use concentrated cleaning products.

Most chemicals will react with rhodium and dull its shine. Alternatively, the chemicals can eat away at the plating and expose your white gold to various elements that contribute to its deterioration.

If you cannot avoid the use of concentrated cleaning products, you can choose to wear gloves when using the products. Other people might opt to take off their ring for cleaning, but this puts it at an elevated risk of getting lost.

engagement ring set.

Avoid metal-on-metal rubbing.

Weight loss is a common issue. This leaves your ring loose and causes it to spin around on your finger. The constant taking it off and putting it on rubs it against your other jewelry, including the engagement ring, bracelet, and watches.

This metal-on-metal rubbing will create nicks and scratches on your rhodium plating. If your wedding band is loose for one reason or another, get it resized by a reputable jeweler to protect the rhodium.

Wipe off perfume and cosmetic residue.

After the application of perfume and use of various oils, ensure you wipe off the residue from your ring. The chemicals on these perfumes and oils can react with the rhodium and weaken it or break it down altogether. Alternatively, you can take your ring off when applying perfumes and oils.

Even with this guideline, your rhodium plating will last for 3–5 years on average if you wear your ring frequently. After this time, it will be essential to get the ring re-plated by an experienced jeweler to restore its shine and get rid of any tinges. Some jewelers are not always upfront about their rhodium white gold treatments so ensure you pick one to re-plate your ring carefully.

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