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Zoned Ducted Air Conditioning is the Way to Go

Before zoned air conditioning technology arrived, the central AC system was the sole cooling provider and switching it on meant cooling the entire building.

While every occupant has different cooling needs, the conventional units were not designed to cater for varying comfort requirements. Over time, the demand for convenience and control has prompted HVAC designers to develop zoned air conditioning, a big improvement to the older system.

These systems offer unbelievable efficiency and can adapt temperature to the needs in each room or section. We are referring to a system that is capable of offering the right temperature in the living room, a cool breeze in the bedroom and preferred temperature in the kitchen. It has a number of benefits, a reason you should discuss it with your service provider during the next air conditioning repair session.

Unmatched Convenience

hand adjusting thermostatThe conventional system features one control per unit, which is located in one place within the building. While you could be capable of accessing this control, are you sure you are okay moving across the rooms every time you want to change the temperature? 

This is the reason why modern zoned systems have taken user convenience to the highest level. This AC system offers independent environments in different rooms. Featuring user-friendly designs, these systems provide an ideal environment without the need for the user to move from one room to another. With a mere press of the button, you can control each temperature section independently.

Quiet Performance

Indoor units have repeatedly been related to nuisance in the form of noise. Indeed, some users have been known to raise the volume of their radio or TV, just to drown the incessant distraction from the air conditioner. In short, an AC unit can create immeasurable chaos in the house.

Fortunately, you can switch to modern ducted air conditioners and enjoy superb performance accompanied by ambience. The central unit will be placed some distance from the rooms, and the vents are so quiet. Say no to humming and whirring by getting an air conditioning repair specialist to implement this solution.

Aesthetic Appeal

Today, the appearance of the room is a big factor, and that is another reason you need to consider the zoned HVAC system. Unlike the split system, this solution does not come with wall units. All you have are small sized gadgets with attractive patterns that barely distract the décor. In fact, the vents can be designed to align with the indoor décor as much as you like.

Most of the designs offer different interfaces to cater to different user tastes. Furthermore, the gadgets are made from elegant and attractive materials such as tempered glass and zamak for the highest level of appeal.

There is no doubt that zoned HVAC systems are improvements to conventional systems in many ways. Cooling power combined with efficient operation is what every homeowner would want. After installing the unit, you will start to note a steady reduction in energy consumption. If you have decided to make the switch, hire a reputable technician.

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