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5 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and without warnings. You might be playing football during a sports day or an event with your friends, and a friend accidentally knocks out your front teeth. You might also be walking, and you slip and fall, chipping your front teeth. Dental emergencies can be painful, and you cannot stand them for an extra hour or day.

Dentists are always available to treat dental emergencies because they understand that you cannot plan for an emergency. As such, you can visit an emergency dentist in Sandy at whatever time of the day or night to relieve pain, rather than waiting for office hours. Some reasons necessitate visiting an emergency dentist.

Lost tooth

You are a candidate for emergency dental care if you have knocked out a tooth or two. It could be due to tooth decay or a sports injury. The dentist might attach the lost tooth to the socket if it can be salvaged or recommend dental implants or dentures.

Chipped tooth

A chipped tooth is an apparent dental emergency. Chicken bones and nuts can cause small chips, but they do not require emergency care. However, a chipped tooth as a result of accidents or a kind of injury needs dental emergency care. An emergency dentist will fix the chipped tooth with a veneer, crown, or bond so that you do not have to be embarrassed walking around with a chip in your front teeth.

Severe oral pain

Throbbing gums and a toothache cause health concerns such as infections, severe tooth decay, and gingivitis. You might require dental emergency care if the pain lasts more than a day or two. Temporary dental pain is not an emergency, but you should visit an emergency dentist if the pain continues for two days or so.

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Facial swelling

Swelling on your face can be due to an abscess, tooth infection, or trauma. You should visit an emergency dentist as soon as you notice an abnormal facial swelling. The chances are that the swelling could result in oral pain. Facial swelling occurs due to a deficiency of Vitamin C, gum disease, or growth of wisdom tooth. Make sure that you walk into a dental clinic when you notice swelling on your face.

Damage to tooth restoration

Your teeth will be vulnerable to infections if an implant, a dental crown, or a filling becomes loose. Restorations protect your teeth, but removing them or damaging them puts your teeth at a higher risk than before. Therefore, you should visit the emergency dentist when you notice that your tooth restoration is damaged to prevent damage of the adjacent teeth, discomfort, and infections. Make sure that you keep the crown or implant and bring it with you to your emergency dentist.

You should not risk losing teeth or infecting your teeth because you fail to visit the dentist as soon as you feel pain or after an accident. It is your responsibility to deal with the dental emergencies discussed above when they arise. Make sure that you have contacts of emergency dentists because dental emergencies can happen anytime.

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