Why Temp Drivers are Good for Commercial Transport Businesses

If you own or operate a commercial transport business, you’d know that it’s harder to find great drivers than maintaining a good running vehicle. When vehicles break down, you can just have them towed, repaired, or even overhauled.

When drivers get sick, go on extended vacations, or simply don’t show up, you can’t do anything about it. It’s great if you have a pool of professional drivers at your disposal but if you don’t, you can easily end up a vehicle short in operations.

This is why you need access to a temp driver staffing service. As the name suggests, this service provides temp drivers for commercial transport businesses like yours. Any driver shortage, be it driving a van, a bus, or even a truck, they can fill it up for you.

With a high attrition rate for drivers nowadays, it’s wise to keep these services in mind. You don’t want to wake up one day to a crippled operation because a couple of your drivers didn’t show up. This is also perfect if you want to fill up positions during peak season, when all good drivers are busy.

Let’s dive into the reasons why you should consider temp driver staffing for your transport business.

Temp Drivers are Professionals

Temp driver staffing services hire those with extensive driving experience. Aside from the years of driving professionally or commercially, they also train them regularly, depending on their assignments.

Some services even require monthly in-service training just to keep them up-to-date in their knowledge about the tasks. You can be sure that the drivers are drug tested, of good health and mental condition. All of these testing and certification are covered by the staffing service, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fees and training expenses.

Mobility and Flexibility of Service

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Depending on your location and nature of business, you may need drivers to stay at a location for extended periods. Temp staffing services know this, and their drivers understand that it is part of their job. They’re well-adapted to life on the road and won’t have a problem working away from their home for periods of weeks or even months, depending on the assignment. This arrangement is hard to come by, even for in-house drivers. You’d be endlessly negotiating the pay, benefits, and other conditions just for them to work away from their families. You won’t have to worry about that with your temp driver.

These drivers also understand that their schedules may change depending on your needs. They may need to change shifts from time to time or have a different schedule for holidays or your peak season. They are flexible as long as you flesh out your scheduling requirements with the temp staffing service beforehand.

A good driver is really important when you have a commercial transport business. It’s what keeps your operations going, so you don’t want to find yourself understaffed at any time. This is why you should always have a temp driver staffing service at the ready.

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