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Why Is It Important to Support Small Businesses?

In recent years, there has been a consumer move from big and impersonal businesses to small businesses in a local community. That’s also partly the reason small businesses selling their products on Etsy have made a name for themselves. Consumers are now interested in the thought of supporting startups that produce specialized items that fall under a range of categories.

If you walk along the boutiques in Phoenix, Arizona, you’ll notice that many local shops are competing with the bigger names in retail. Consumers are ready to support these local businesses, so they can stay afloat, remain operational, and continue to compete. It has been a long time coming. Consumers should have been supporting small businesses since time immemorial. But it is only today that such loyalty to big-name brands shifted toward small and local businesses.

Personalized Customer Service

First, you’ll always get more personalized customer service when you shop in small businesses. They rely on the loyalty of their existing clientele, as well as word-of-mouth recommendations, to survive in the industry. Their staff is always willing to help and take the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and valued. They are ready to give detailed answers to your questions. They can order specific items for you at your request. You will foster a better relationship with small business owners than with managers of big retailers.

Support Local Economy

According to studies, two-thirds of every dollar spent on a small business stays in that local community. Remember that these small businesses pay taxes to your city. These are the same taxes that your city will use to fund projects and provide social services. Without these taxes from small businesses, your city will only be reliant on funds coming from the federal government. Local taxes are going to keep your community booming. There will be better support for education, fire department, law enforcement, and other public-funded programs.

Create Local Jobs

This is pretty obvious, but it might need to be emphasized that small businesses are at the heart of local job creation. Small businesses make up a whopping 99% of employer firms. Since the latest economic recession, more than 67% of new jobs created were from small businesses. Supporting your local shops means supporting the creation of job opportunities for your neighbors. Your support has a direct impact on your community and the people you know. It’s as simple as that.

Foster Community-building

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When you buy from small businesses, you develop a personal connection with the owner. You start to foster community-building. This is good for your children. Those who grow up in enriching neighborhoods become more successful later in life. They also have a stronger bond to the community where they grew up. Most of them return home to work there after college or start their own businesses. This kind of community is what everyone should be striving for.

You stand to benefit by supporting local and small businesses. It’s a cycle. You buy from these local shops. They pay taxes to the city. Then the city uses these taxes to start programs and provide benefits to its people, including you and your family.

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