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What to Do with Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day

While the majority of brides spend a lot of time contemplating the kind of dress that fits their wedding, few consider what they will do with the gown after the big day. Most people choose to preserve their wedding dress and pass it down to their daughters, cousins, or nieces. Others use them to make creative artifacts such as pillows, quilts, shorter dresses or even dye them to create a special-occasion dress. Here are some creative ways of utilizing your wedding gown after the ceremony:

Create a Jewelry Display

While keeping the entire wedding dress might sound absurd, you can hold on to some nice details and keep them as mementos. Whether it’s some fancy beadwork, piece of lace, or sparkly gems, you may use vital components of your wedding dress to create a custom jewelry display, which you can admire every day. Besides, a jewelry display can be the one thing you need to keep track of petite items such as earrings, bracelets, headbands, and necklaces. Having chosen the gown components that you want to keep, you may subsequently donate, sell, or repurpose the remaining dress for further use.

Trash It and Capture the Event on Camera

Taking a picture with your wedding dress

An emerging trend that has been gaining massive popularity recently involves destroying the wedding dress and taking multiple photos. Wedding dress destruction can be achieved through rolling around in the dirt, leaping into the swimming pool, playing in muddy farms, soiling it with wine, or even setting it on fire. This is a fun way of creating memories while giving the gown an epic send-off.

Preserve the Dress for Posterity

If your wedding dress holds significant sentimental value or it costs you an arm and a leg, you might want to preserve it and pass it down to your loved ones. To ensure that your gown stays in the pristine condition it was when you walked down the aisle, consider sending it to a company that offers wedding dress dry cleaning in Toronto and have it cleaned, preserved, and packaged appropriately in a sealed box. Whether your wedding has been held outdoors or indoors, it’s likely to have sustained makeup smudges, dirt, and sweat. Having your dress cleaned professionally will go a long way in preserving its integrity. This is because stains, albeit invisible, can damage the fabric of the gown in addition to discoloring it.

Convert Your Gown into a Special-event Dress

Despite your lack of interest in donning your wedding dress in the future, it would be a shame to let a high-quality material go to waste. Instead, why don’t you refashion the gown into shirts, skirts, or even cocktail dresses? This will give you an amazing opportunity to be stylish, creative, not to mention thrifty with your wedding dress.

For most brides, the fate of the wedding dress after the party is sealed; it’s destined to spend the remaining of its life in a closet, collecting dust. However, the genius ideas mentioned above provide some unique and creative techniques of putting the gown to use after the wedding. Whether you choose to host a trash-the-dress photo shoot, fashion the gown into a fancy dress, or pass it to your future generations, the list of ideas is endless.

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