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Can’t Sleep? Your Basic Guide to Understanding Insomnia

Most of us have experienced a disruption in our sleeping patterns at some point in our lives. Factors such as stress and financial strains can cause us to feel anxious, which, in turn, can disrupt our sleep.

However, if you have been having trouble sleeping for quite some time now, what you are experiencing could be insomnia. Ten percent of adults have insomnia that is already hindering their capacity to live healthily.

What exactly is insomnia and how does it affect a person?

Basic facts about insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders that people experience around the world. Common patient complaints include trouble initiating sleeping and a struggle to maintain sleep. Some wake up at irregular times of the day and then have problems going back to sleep afterwards. Thus, affecting the person’s quality of sleep.

Sleep deprivation can also cause people to experience other symptoms. These include feeling tired and sleepy the entire day. Worse, the afflicted person often finds it difficult to concentrate and focus on tasks at hand.

Causes of insomnia

Man who can't sleepVarious psychological and physical factors can cause a person to suffer from insomnia. Jet lag, job shift changes, and extreme cold or heat can induce a disruption in sleeping patterns, too. People who suffer from depression and anxiety disorders also experience interrupted sleep.

A few studies suggest that exposure to media before going to sleep affects a person’s natural melatonin production. Placing any technology in the bedroom can worsen insomnia. Thus, leading to even more complications in the long run.

Natural remedies for insomnia

Sleep disruption is often a reflection of a more severe health condition. That is why it is crucial to have an early evaluation of insomnia to halt any of its effects. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat insomnia without relying on medication.

For one, you can consider undergoing cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to help treat the effects of insomnia. Some of its components are relaxation therapy, sleep hygiene training and stimulus control. Each part produces an effect that can help a patient get relief from the impact of insomnia.

Meanwhile, others choose to use cannabidiol to treat their insomnia. CBD oil is currently growing in popularity because of its effects to reduce stress and anxiety. Some people who use CBD oil report experiencing a reduction in their fear and improvement in the quality of their sleep.

Another way to help treat insomnia is by doing a few relaxing activities, such as having a massage or doing exercises like yoga. When people order massage chairs, they expect to feel relaxed and comfortable. A lot of experts say that massage therapy improves sleep quality and even reduces dysfunction and time sleepiness.

Moreover, make sure your sleeping environment is cozy and comfortable, and that you do not eat before your go to bed.

Having insomnia is a challenging experience. But you can make things easier by finding the root cause of your problem. You can ask advice from professionals to know the reason behind your sleep disruption.

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