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The search for Botox in Kent

In our modern society, we are starting to find more and more people are becoming more image-conscious than ever before, looking our best has become a bigger part of our daily life than ever before.  This has led to an increase in the use of minor cosmetic surgeries. For this reason, Stangrove Court Dental Practice is now offering Botox in Kent.

There are many misconceptions and misunderstanding about the reasons as to why some people decide to access Botox services, as they are seen as cosmetic services for the vain and many people tend to ignore the medical uses that do enhance the lives of many people.

Medical Purposes

If someone suffers from muscle spasms, due to a health condition, Botulinum toxin could be used as a treatment that may assist in the promotion of relaxation of the muscle areas treated. This treatment has been successfully used for treating people with Cerebral Palsy, who have had strokes, and in cases of spinal cord injury.

This treatment may also be helpful in many other forms over muscle disorder where spasms are a recurring problem causing discomfort.

This treatment can also be used to help in cases of excessive sweating, normally in the client’s armpits. An injection in the sweat glands helps to prevent nerve impulses occurring too often, this will help to produce less sweat. Most clients see a noticeable effect 10 days after the treatment is administered.

As a cosmetic treatment Botulinum toxin is used to smooth lines in the upper third of the face, commonly referred to as wrinkles. Injections are administered into the muscles under the wrinkles or lines causing the muscle tissue to relax, this leads to a smoothing of the skin in the treated area of the face.

Visible results


When Botulinum toxin is used cosmetically most clients report visible results within three to five days of receiving the injection, seeing a smoothening of the skin. It is important to note that for a lasting effect the treatment may need to be repeated every three to four months, this may become less frequent over time.

Six to twelve months is the recommended time for repeating the treatment in excessive sweating.  Other uses of the repeat treatment time vary on a case-to-case basis, professional advice should be sought before moving ahead with any repeat treatments anyone may need.

After care

Once you have had your injection you will need to avoid touching or rubbing the injected area for the first 24 hours, if the area makes up part of the face you will need to avoid any facial treatments during this time. It is also recommended that you avoid strenuous activity and alcohol during this time.

It is important that any advice given is followed, this will allow for the best possible results.

Be informed

Please remember that this is a medical procedure, like all medical procedures it may not be suitable for everyone and carries risks. The best advice you can get about Botulinum toxin would be from a suitable medical professional who is qualified to administer the treatment.

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