Stylish wall mounted fireplace

Style Options for Wall-mounted Fireplaces

Indoor fireplaces have for centuries been a mainstay of creating an ideal home. While in the past they were primarily functional places, they now form one of the décor elements of a room. To this end, they feature various intricate designs to make them stand out. They can even be the primary element. Wall-mounted fireplaces take up minimal floor space and are the ideal choice with the dwindling indoor square footage of modern homes and the push toward clutter-free living.

If you are investing in basement finishing for your Salt Lake City home, a fireplace is a must-have. With the right design, the fireplace transforms your often cramped and cold basement into a warm and open one. The room can then be used as an extra bedroom, guest room, family room, office, or game room. The following are a few style alternatives that guarantee you a stylish wall-mounted fireplace for any room in your home:

Double Mantels

With the open living concept, some living rooms are designed with extra height running up to their home’s ceiling and the second floor. You can use double-height mantels in these living rooms to exude confidence and allow the fireplace to stand tall as the focal point of your living room. This style borrows from Roman architecture that features lintels and columns with hearths within them.

Wooden Surrounds

These are perfect for those aiming for a traditional look for their rooms. Wooden surrounds should resonate with your chosen décor to create a customized look for your home. Wood, in its natural color, is the best choice for those aiming for a rustic feel. Painted and stained wood will fit a contemporary style. You should ensure the paint you choose for your surround is a fire retardant.

Modern Tiles

Homeowners looking for a modern look can opt for heat-resistant tiling for the space around their fireplace. There are several tiling options, though ceramic tiles stand out. They look exceptional around the recesses of wall-mounted fireplaces and are easy to install. Moreover, they come in multiple finishes and colors to match contemporary furniture and décor pieces.

Chimney Breasts

When designing your room from scratch, you can include a chimney breast. This will readily integrate with your fireplace and its surrounding walls. Stucco is an ideal option for those who want their chimney breast forward into their room with soft curves. Right-angled traditional chimney breasts work with corner fireplaces rather than those in the middle of a room.

Carved Corbels

Woodburning wall mounted fireplace

Simple lintels held in place with carved corbels will breathe life into your wall-mounted fireplace. These can also be matched with a wooden surround. Those looking for a minimalist look can opt for a plain corbel pair with a matching lintel.

With the right style, all rooms in your house can be transformed into breathtaking getaways without eating into your budget. While their construction sounds simple, it might make your fireplace a fire hazard when carelessly handled. Therefore, you should use a professional construction company, regardless of the type of wall-mounted fireplace you buy and the design you aim for.

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