How Much Should You Spend In Connecticut To Install Chimney Liners?

The price of installation for chimney lining in Connecticut falls within the national average of $2,500, although the actual price will depend on several factors such as the cost of labor the kind of materials.

Home owners could spend as low as $625 for this project when they do it by themselves, but bigger ones with more extensive work and expensive materials may cost up to $7,000. Masonry work isn’t usually a DIY job, particularly when it involves heights. For your safety, consider hiring a professional from your area.

Chimney Lining And Prices

Some of the most common chimney liners available on the market include aluminum, stainless, clay, cast-in-place and thermocrete. These materials have different prices with clay being the cheapest at $10 per foot, but be prepared to spend more on the cost of labor. A contractor will remove and retrofit certain parts of the chimney to install this lining, which definitely requires more hours on the tab. Still, clay lining is a good choice for heat and corrosion resistance.

On the other hand, thermocrete is the most expensive among the different materials with prices costing at least $5,000 per installation. Unlike clay, it only takes a short time to install it and therefore saves money from the cost of labor. This is also a flexible liner for gas and wood fireplaces.

Cost Of Labor

The service fee for professionals isn’t something that homeowners are willing to pay, yet take note that proper installation is important for the expected functionality of your heating unit. Since lining prolongs the lifespan of your chimney, it should be installed by a professional to avoid damages. Otherwise, you may need to replace your chimney, and this will be a more expensive project.

Inspection and cleaning will cost up to $250 per project. Professionals will have to check your chimney before installing the material. You should leave it to an expert when choosing the best kind of lining. If you need pre-installation repairs, the cost of labor may reach more than $1,250 per project. Any complexities encountered during the installation process will also be a factor for higher service fees. Always ask for an itemized list of expenses to make sure you’re not going over budget.

Care And Maintenance

Man checking chimney

Preventive maintenance helps in preventing house fires due to a dirty and poorly maintained chimney. Home owners in Connecticut should make it a habit to clean their chimneys regularly by early autumn. Earlier than that is even better such as during the summer season when chimney sweepers aren’t in demand.

Late summer is a good time to hire one and there’s a chance that rates are cheaper during this time, because of the small number of customers.


When choosing among different chimney contractors, ask for multiple quotes from at least three service providers. It’s better to hire someone who specializes in all aspects of masonry work and repairs for better results. A professional could also guide you with their knowledge of choosing the best materials that fit your chimney.

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