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Preventing Burglary: How to Proactively Protect Your Business from Burglary

Commercial burglaries up, residential burglaries down—the pandemic not only forced small businesses to shut down; it also increased their risk for break-ins. Quarantine restrictions forced business owners to limit their operations. Unfortunately, burglars took advantage and broke in.

If you are a business owner, what should you do to protect your shop from these burglars? What security features can you add for maximum security?

The Usual Targets

Crime statistics in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic showed a 24% decline in burglaries at home. This is because most people spend more time inside their houses than outdoors. This has made other non-residential buildings an easy target. Crime statistics revealed a massive 38% spike in commercial burglaries. This disturbing pattern caused alarm to many business owners in the country.

All business types are at risk of burglary. Convenience store, restaurant, and retail store staff must always be on their heels. Burglars target these stores because of the products that they sell. They are also the shops easy to check out. People come and go to these stores, and it is easy for burglars to inspect and plan a crime. When COVID-19 hit, some stores had to close temporarily, with no one manning them.

Protecting Your Shop from Retail Burglary

Retail burglary is different from theft and robbery. In a burglary, the burglar intends to break into the property and steal goods and commodities. Because burglars break in, they have to damage parts of your property. It usually occurs at night when no one is around. But now that most stores are closed, some burglaries also happen during the day.

Burglars also choose strategic locations when doing their activities. They prefer isolated areas with no security guards. They also select their target based on the merchandise that they can steal. They target handy but expensive goods like gadgets, designer items, and pieces of jewelry.

As a business owner, you don’t have to feel helpless. You need to be proactive in securing your property even if you don’t have security personnel guarding your shop. Because burglary involves breaking in, why not invest in a tighter security system?

Here are some security features you can add to your entryway facilities:

Commercial Grade Locks

Commercial locks vary in security levels, strength, and durability. Each level is measured depending on how long it can last until you have to replace it and how much it can endure.

Grade 1 locks are the most durable and most used in large retail stores for maximum security. Grade 2 locks are for larger residential areas with heavier traffic. Grade 3 locks are the standard locks used for houses and other smaller facilities.

Examples of commercial locks are cylindrical locks, tubular locks, deadbolt locks, and push-button locks.

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Door Access Control

You can opt to install a door access control that gives you control over who enters and exits a building. Door access controls are an electronic door system that allows you to keep a record of access. Instead of using a key, your staff will swipe a card or biometrics to access the entryways. Once the system recognizes unauthorized persons, it automatically restricts access.

Some systems also give you remote access. You also get notified when a door is forced open by unauthorized individuals.

These security features are available in hardware specialty stores, although you may have to request assistance during the installation. There are also online stores that offer solutions like experts from websites like that offers other security measures.

Tips to Protect Your Property During the Pandemic

Knowing what to look for in criminal activity and upgrading your door locks are great ways to protect your property. But you can take it one level higher with these tips:

  • Invest in Security Cameras: And have it manned 24/7. Some businesses only use the footage as evidence after the incident happened. If someone is watching your security cameras remotely, you get to catch burglary and act on it in real-time. Security cameras are more high-tech these days, given some systems that come with 4k resolutions. They also come with bigger storage for your footage.
  • Invest in Motion-Sensing Lights: This is very helpful at night when burglars usually break in. Even the slightest movement triggers the sensor lights, which warns you if someone attempts to get in. Some sensor lights also notify you even if you are away from the property.
  • Inspect Your Property Regularly: On your days off, check your entry and exit points for possible damage and repairs. Don’t provide avenues for burglars to get into your shop. Check doorknobs, doors, and windows. Check your lighting system.


Despite limited operations, you have to keep your business going. Soon, the pandemic will be over, and it is going to be business as usual. You want your business intact as soon as you bounce back.

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