Family Activities: How to Make Indoor and Outdoor Obstacle Courses

Family time helps create a strong bond among the members. People often take time for granted. In effect, family ties start to break. For this reason, families should do fun activities together. It is best to set an activity beforehand so that all members can clear their schedules for it.

One of the activities that you can try is home renovation. Adding something new to your house can catch other people’s attention and increase your home’s value. A DIY project is something you can try, even with your kids. Let them engage in it to make them feel that they belong.

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Kids have a lot of energy in their bodies. As parents, it is best to keep them active. In this case, an obstacle is perfect for them to make use of that flowing energy. Aside from that, it can serve as an exercise that even adults can enjoy.

You can make your backyard course easy or challenging as you wish. Aside from that, you can use any equipment or materials since it is DIY. Anything that can add fun to the course is good. Just make sure that your kids will not get hurt from any of these items.

This DIY course needs your creative thinking. You can even ask your kids how they want it to look like and let them help. In effect, your children will feel a sense of accomplishment after. Meanwhile, here are a few ideas to add to your backyard course.

  • Use flat tires where they can jump or bounce over. Your kids can help paint these tires to make them colorful.
  • Hula hoops can add fun to your backyard course. You can tie them up in a tree branch or clothesline to jump through. Aside from that, you can also bury them to the ground where your kids can crawl.
  • Scrap lumber is also a good material for your course. You can make a platform, seesaw, or balance beam out of these scraps.
  • Tunnels are also perfect obstacles. You can use fabrics or cardboard boxes. Moreover, you can also use blankets and drape them over two chairs.
  • Another fun thing to add to your obstacle course is water bottles. They can serve as bowling pins then use a large ball to knock them off.
  • Bean bags are also a great idea to include in the course. You can sew using a fabric filled with dried beans. In this case, kids can throw them out into laundry baskets before moving to the next obstacle.
  • Ladders also make a good obstacle. You can lay it flat to the ground, and your kids will hop on it.

Other materials at home can be a good part of your obstacle course, like logs or buckets. The use of all these materials depends on how creative you can be. Aside from that, you are already enjoying the preparation of the course with all the family members.

Homelife can be fun, too. Doing activities like DIY can be a time well-spent for everyone. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be costly. You can create fun-filled projects with the things you have at home. Meanwhile, you can also try an indoor obstacle course.

mother and child indoors

Indoor Obstacle Course

No backyard, no problem. It is still possible to create an obstacle course indoors. And if your rooms are too cramped for a mini obstacle course, you can hire home remodeling services for a room addition.

Here’s how you can build an obstacle course inside your home:

  • Hop Over the Lava: You only need to line up pillows or cushions to serve as rocks on the floor. Meanwhile, the carpet or floor will serve as lava. Your kids will hop on the rocks to reach the endpoint without falling on the hot lava in this game.
  • Army Crawls: Chairs and blankets are good pairs to create indoor tunnels. Your kids will crawl under them to complete the course.
  • Book Maze: You can also create a maze using books at home. They can play a game by putting a ball in between their knees. The challenge here is to cross over the maze without knocking any of the books.
  • Tape Trail: A painter’s tape is excellent for this. You can use them to make arrows that your children will follow. Add challenge while they follow these arrows, such as going under the table.
  • Ropes: Tie ropes to serve as lasers. They have to dodge and crawl to avoid touching the lasers. In this case, you can add small bells in corners to know if they tapped the ropes.

A family can enjoy a fun-filled day together. Indoor or outdoor obstacle courses can help each member keep an active lifestyle while having fun. Aside from that, these activities can help them create stronger family ties. For this reason, you can enjoy a home life without crossing over your budget.

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