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Enhancing a Newly Purchased Home

Even though new homeowners look for the perfect house they can afford, they may still want to spruce it up to make it into the home they want to live in. This is particularly true after US home prices went up due to the increased demand during the pandemic.

Here are some things that new homeowners can do to enhance their newly purchased homes.

Install Smart Devices

Installing smart devices in the home is a good way of enhancing a newly-purchased home. These devices can include door locks, doorbells, thermostats, and even window shades. These smart devices can help secure the house and reduce energy bills. Some smart devices can even help with simple chores such as cleaning the floor. Homeowners have several options on the type of smart devices they want to have in their homes. These options depend on their budget and personal needs.

Add a New Coat of Paint

Adding a new coat of paint allows new homeowners to make their homes look better, especially if they bought an existing home. They can choose the paint that reflects their personality as long as it doesn’t go against the guidelines set by their homeowners’ association or local government.

They can start painting the exterior before working on the interior of the home. If they are apprehensive about their house painting skills, homeowners can hire professionals to work on their homes. They can also opt for neutral colors if they plan on selling the house in the future.

Clean the Windows

Cleaning the windows is another thing that homeowners should do to make their homes look good. There’s a chance that it has been a long time since someone worked on the windows. So, the new homeowner should clean them and make them look good. They can clean the interior and exterior of the window if the weather allows it.

The homeowner can also install a modern roller shade on the window to enhance its overall appearance. Its unique design gives the windows a sophisticated appearance, which looks good if the homeowner uses it as the background during Zoom meetings.

Work on the HVAC System

The recent surge in the number of new cases makes it important for homeowners to ensure the HVAC system of the house is working perfectly. Aside from ensuring the system can filter out any harmful bacteria and viruses, cleaning the HVAC system also removes any dirt or dust accumulated over the years.

Removing the dirt and dust can enhance the efficiency of the HVAC system and increase its capability of keeping the indoor air clean. Homeowners should also replace the air filters of the system. Working on the HVAC system of the house also allows homeowners to save on unnecessary air conditioning and heating expenses.

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Install New Lighting Fixtures

Installing new lighting fixtures can also make the house look good. The homeowner can work on the interior and exterior lighting of the room. Aside from enhancing its overall appearance, installing lights in dark areas of the property also enhances security since it takes away any places where an intruder can hide.

Additionally, the homeowner can replace standard incandescent bulbs with LED lighting fixtures. LEDs offer a lot of benefits to the homeowner, including lower electricity bills. While the initial cost of buying these LEDs is higher, they last longer than incandescent bulbs. So, the homeowner does not need to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Conduct an Energy Audit

Since the homeowner is already reducing energy bills by using LEDs and working on the HVAC system, he should also conduct a home energy audit. A home energy audit allows homeowners to have an idea about the overall energy use of the home.

Also called a home energy assessment, it helps them know the amount of energy the home uses and the energy it loses. It also shows the areas they need to work on to deal with energy issues. Additionally, the audit gives homeowners an idea of how that can increase energy efficiency in the house to make it comfortable to live in.

Organize the Storage Areas

Homeowners can also organize the storage areas of the house. This allows them to remove any items that the previous owners left as well as declutter the property. They can work on the built-in closet, kitchen drawers, attic, and basement. Organizing these areas in the house also gives the new homeowner the chance to see if there’s a need to make additional enhancements.

When new homeowners receive the keys to their new house, they should work on enhancing it to make the place comfortable for them to live in.

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