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Kinds of Tiles: A Guide to Home Flooring

Tiles afford the homeowner many benefits. For example, most of them last longer than other flooring materials. They keep the house neat and cool in the hot days. It is always good practice to invest in tiles that also upgrade your home, more so if you plan on selling at some point.

That way, you save on money and time. A proper choice of tiles can also make a difference when it comes to professional tile and grout cleaning. For example, a water-resistant option will call for different methods of cleaning than its counterpart.

Secondly, the type of tile will influence what choices you have in terms of style and color. The following are common types of tile flooring that you can consider for your home:


Travertine is limestone harvested from caves, hot and artesian springs all over the world. Limestone is naturally porous and rough. This makes these tiles perfect for places like bathrooms and other spaces that may get wet.

This slip resistance also makes it excellent for use outdoors in places like pool decks. The rough texture of the stone is caused when bubbles of air are trapped in the organic matter during the formation of the stone.


One of the reasons this tile is popular is its water resistance. The tiles are made from molded clay and can either be non-porcelain or porcelain. The latter will have few impurities and will be extruded. They are denser than non-porcelain tiles, but this means that they are also less porous.

Consequently, these tiles also last longer even when used in high traffic areas. Non-porcelain tiles, on the other hand, commend themselves to the homeowner on the basis of their price. They are up to 40% cheaper than their counterparts and easier to maintain.


Luxurious living room with marble flooringFew flooring tiles present as many color options as marble. The durable stone has a wide range of color because the component minerals vary. Additionally, marble can be finished in a variety of ways from polishing and honing to brushing and tumbling.

The fact that it occurs naturally means that marble will add edgy elegance to your home. Bear in mind though that it is not ideal for use in landscaping or in the outdoor spaces.


This metamorphic rock has been in use for flooring for decades due to its variability of style and resistance to staining. The fact that the stone has color veins throughout means that no tile will ever be identical with another, a fact to go for if you seek adventure.

Slate is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms because it is slip resistant and durable. However, areas with high traffic will need regular resealing to keep the excellent look.


This stone has a makeup that resembles marble except that it is translucent. It is very fragile, and so it needs to be used with things such as fiberglass, mesh or resin to improve its strength. Go for this tile if you are covering rooms with low traffic.

Clearly, you have lot of options when it comes to tile flooring. Always start by considering which qualities you value the most in a room. For example, someone going for a decorative and stain resistant option that can withstand high traffic can pick ceramic.

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