Keeping Your Kids Cool In The Summer Heat

The arrival of summer often means that you have to deal with unbearable heat. While you would be able to handle it, you need to look out for your kids, too. Most parents want to protect their children from dehydration and heatstroke, so they want to keep them cool when the mercury rises. Here are some things that should help ensure that your child will feel much more comfortable.

Keep Them Out Of Direct Sunlight

While it is nice to see your kids playing outdoors, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. During the middle of the day, when the sun is at its highest, you should keep them inside or under the shade. A window with interior solar shades can keep out the harsher rays of light while still allowing for a perfect view outside. You could also put up curtains so that no direct light enters your house. This can be very helpful in keeping room temperatures low throughout the day.

If you are out on vacation, there are other ways to help keep them in the shade. When walking around, a large umbrella should provide a walking shelter of sorts. If you are at the beach, you should bring along a canopy that you can deploy so that the kids can have a place to chill. It also provides you with a nice place to relax and read that romance paperback.

Water Cools Everything Down

If there is anything that can help your kids cool down, it is water. There are various ways in which you can use it to your advantage. For one, if your child is still an infant, they likely will have a hard time dealing with the heat. A great way to help them is to give them a cooling sponge bath. You can also use these to train and educate them. While applying the bath, mention the name of each part you are bathing. The combination of the soothing sensation and where it is will link itself to the sounds you make.

If your child is a bit older, taking them to the local pool can be a great way to cool them down. This is even better if you have your own in your backyard. But there are other creative ways to bring in water into your activities. For example, if your car is dirty, why not have the kids participate in washing the car? Do it in a shaded area while allowing for some spraying and horseplay when it comes to the water. This should teach your children something about chores and responsibility.

More playful experiences with water include having a squirt gun battle or hanging a water piñata up for some whacks. These activities are a bit messier, but they will be fun. Just be ready to throw the clothes in the laundry after.

The Right Drinks


There is nothing more refreshing than a cold drink on a hot day. Plain water is good enough, especially when it is ice-cold. If you want your kids to be cool, giving them eight ounces of water for every 15 minutes of activity can be a good rule. That should be a simple cup of water.

Besides water, you might also consider other cold drinks that you can use. The best choices available are sports drinks. They have the right mix of salt, sugar, and electrolytes to get the energy back into people. Fruit juices are also a good idea. Sodas and other sugary drinks may not be the best choice since they might make you lose more bodily fluids.

Another option for hydration is tasty treats. Freeze up some fruit slices and offer them as snacks. The freezing cools them down, so they provide cooling while the natural water in fruits helps with hydration. Watermelons, mangoes, and strawberries are delicious while being rich in moisture. You can also make popsicle treats for your children to suck on for continuous cooling.

Dress Them Right

Another way to keep your children cool during a hot summer is by providing them with the right clothes. Several elements make some clothes bad choices for summer wear. For one, avoid dressing your child in dark colors. Choose light colors and natural fabrics so that your body can breathe better. Loose clothes are also a good choice since they let air flow freely.

Keeping your kids cool this summer should be very doable. Be observant and don’t always depend on air conditioning to do everything. Take the right steps and your children, no matter what the age, should be more comfortable.

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