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How to Talk Your Teenager into Agreeing to Move

Moving to another home is often difficult, especially if it’s to another state. The difficulty doesn’t even lie in gathering all of your stuff. You can always hire any local moving services in Marietta or wherever you are if you have a lot of stuff to move. The difficulty lies in convincing your teenage daughter or teenage son to agree to the move.

If you have toddlers or children ages seven to 10, it’s not that difficult to grab them and move to another place. But if you already have a teenager, it’s harder because these kids are already at that stage when they don’t always agree with your ideas and plans. In addition to that, teenagers often have a steady set of friends that they wouldn’t want to leave. But don’t worry because there is a way to convince your teenager to agree to the move or at least make the transition less cumbersome.

Give them a preview

One way to make the relocation much smoother is to bring your teenager to the new place a week before your scheduled departure. That way, you can show her what they will be expecting when all of you move there. You can show them the good things about the new place. Search online for any interesting features that the place you’re moving to has and schedule a visit to those places before you move to your new home. You can even ask your teenager if they would like to invite their friends to this preview so that they can spend a whole day with their friends while they are acclimatizing to the new environment.

Show them a preview online

But if the place is too far away that you can’t schedule one day to visit it, show them a preview online. The idea here is that your teenager gets to know the place you’ll be moving to before they settle in there.

Most people dislike, or even fear, the unknown, so make sure that your teenager has all the information they need about the new place before you all relocate there. Also, by giving them a preview of the new place, they might even find something interesting that is not in your current location.

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Give them a journal

Some teenagers might find this cheesy, but your teenager might find it helpful to document their thoughts about the relocation in a journal. Give them a journal and ask them if they want to write down whatever their opinion is about moving to another place.

You can also ask them to document every detail of the relocation in their journal so that they will have something to read when they want to reminisce about their time in the old place. They might write down in their journal that they don’t like moving to another place. But by doing this, they might find a way to exorcise their anger or dismay through writing.

Let them say goodbye

Before you move, make sure that your teenager gets to say goodbye to their friends in their own way. Ask them if they want to throw a party or if they just want to invite their closest friends over for a slumber party. It doesn’t matter what kind of event it would be as long as they get to say goodbye to their friends properly.

Moving to another place with your teenager is on another level of difficulty. There’s a good chance that they will hate you for it. But as long as the communication lines are open, you two might be able to settle this dilemma with little hassle.

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