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How to Improve Your Kids’ Social Skills

Some babies are born with the innate skill to socialize. They laugh at people who fuss over them. They giggle at the sight of other people. But then, some babies cry when a stranger tried to smile at them. One look from a distant relative will have them bawling their eyes out for at least half an hour. Have you noticed that your kids seem to be distant and shy around people? Are you scared that they might not be developing the necessary social skills?

It would help if you looked at childcare services in your city or area. Here, they can meet a lot of children their age. They can learn to socialize because they will be curious about the activities and programs. They will most likely learn to open up more when they are surrounded by kids their age. Surrounding them with people your age might not work because they’ll be intimidated by the “old people talk.”

Encourage Eye-to-eye Conversations

How do your kids talk with you? Do they avert their eyes? Do they look you straight in the eyes? Encourage them to look into your eyes. That’s a sign of effective communication. It also builds confidence and self-esteem. Tell them to talk to their stuffed toys while looking them in the eyes. This should be natural for them.

Talk with Them

How do you suppose they’ll be sociable if you are not even talking to them? How can they feel comfortable talking to other people when their own parents can’t do it? You will play a big role in developing your kids’ social skills. If they feel comfortable talking and babbling undeciphered words around you, they won’t feel embarrassed around other people.

Ask Questions

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Your children should learn how to carry on a conversation. They feel inadequate when conversation stalls. Teach them how to ask questions so that the conversation will continue. If you are in the room, ask the other party some questions so your child can see that it’s okay to be the one to pursue a topic. When you teach them to ask questions, make sure they are not just answerable by a yes or no. The question should lead to a longer conversation about the topic.

Practice Role Playing

If you noticed that your children are shy around people, start role playing with them. Pretend that you are a reporter while your children are famous people. Ask them questions and let them answer however they want to. Swap characters. Let them be the ones to ask questions. You’ll be surprised that a lot of children actually want to be the interviewer.

In the end, these activities can let you get to know your children better. By getting to know them, you’ll get ideas on how to make them more sociable. Do not ever ignore your kids’ social problems. It will do them well in the future if they know how to socialize well and build relationships. This can benefit their personal and professional lives.

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