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How to Create a Beautiful Living Fence

One of the best perks of owning a home, especially one with a yard, is having a space of your own. Instead of spending all your days cooked up inside the house, you get to spend some quality time outdoors. You can catch some of the sun’s rays while enjoying a meal on the patio. Alternatively, you can read your favorite books in your garden. In case you feel the need to increase your privacy, you can choose to go the natural way. With the help of tall trough planters, you can create a lovely hedge that will enhance your privacy.

Fill Them Right

As the name suggests, these troughs are quite tall, and filling them with soil can leave a gaping hole in your wallet. In most cases, your plants won’t need all the root space that comes with these tall containers. Therefore, you don’t need to incur the costs of filling them with potting soil.

Instead, you can turn other readily available filler materials at the home front. From blocks of foam to rubble and rocks, you have many options. Layer the filler materials at the bottom, and then top the rest of the container with quality soil.

Choose the Plants Carefully

Gardener holding a woven pot with plantThere’s a wide variety of shrubs, trees, and vines available to help you create a secluded retreat at any part of your property. Many of the species, including the trees, can do well as potted plants. That means that you can achieve your goal even when planting in the ground is not an option.

Arborvitae, a low-maintenance plant, boasts thick evergreen foliage that gives a dense hedge. Bamboo trees will create a lush green privacy screen, but it’s best to keep them in planters to check their fast-paced growth.

By combining small trees and shrubs with smaller plants, you can construct a boundary for your home without using fences. In colder environments, leaves on deciduous shrubs will not remain after autumn. With that in mind, if your other plants will be bare when winter comes, you should plant a few evergreen trees and bushes for constant privacy.

In light of the space needed for layering trees, bushes, and plants, landscaping for privacy has a much larger trail than a regular fence. Hence, it is essential to consider if you have enough space on your property.

Before you proceed, make sure to keep your lawn clean and well-trimmed. Disordered yards might attract potential thieves because they offer more places to hide in on your property.

In the end, creating a secluded retreat in your backyard gives you the privacy that you need to get the most of your homeowning experience. With the help of tall trough planters, you can create a living fence. If you are still uncertain about what to do with your yard, feel free to seek the assistance of professionals or specialists in landscaping. You can also look for more recommendations online. Doing so will help you think of the best way to enhance your property’s privacy.

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